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January 14, 2016 - 11:23 am

already breaking promises

so breaking promises already! I guess that's how this year is going to go.
Judy has been gone for 10 days now and things are starting to get back to routine. Honestly, it feels like she was never here. Jade says she misses her. Cadence doesn't say much.
This was a busy week for us.
Yesterday Jay went with Cadence to FMSC for a school field trip. I had to pick up Jade from Building Blocks, and then later take Cadence to the dentist to get her expander out YAY! Her "homework" is to wiggle her one tooth out so her adult tooth can drop in and we go back in 10 weeks.
Then we went to Lakeshore Learning for some laminating. Ridiculously cheap! Been busy with getting stuff ready for cookie season. Then we went to red lobster for dinner- used up the rest of a gift card. Jade was a total brat. Yelled, didn't touch her dinner. Was in bed by 7:15. So today she is not allowed to watch TV.
Tuesday Jay dropped my car off at the dealer to get fixed... why? because they nicked the front bumper and messed up the clear bra when they replaced the battery under warranty. At least they gave us a rental- a green Soul. What a piece of garbage!
Monday was another crazy day. I took jade to BB, then went to the dentist and got two cavities filled and then the chiropractor because my whole left side was killing me for the last two week. Managed to get home in exactly 2 hours.
So yes, Jade started BB this week again. We were trying to get her into the afternoon session but it was cancelled due to lack of enrollment. The crap part is that it starts at 8:30 (the same time cadence has to be at school). This week was an odd one with the field trip and the dentist. Tomorrow will be the first day of a "normal" schedule where I take Cadence to school and Jay drops off Jade.
It's just been non-stop and I just feel like I'm going through the motions.
Saturday we had a wedding. Little Sal got married up in Avondale/GOodyear. So we dropped cadence off early at Pria's bday party and then went up there. Got back around 5:30 and picked her up at 6:30. It was a long day and I was beat. Sunday I worked on a lot of cookie stuff. Sal, Michelle and Alex came over and we went out for pizza. It was a nice little break. The wedding was good. Still strange. 3 hors d'oeuvres;no crazy cocktail hour. Cash bar and family style salad/bread; buffet dinner. 3 weddings and they were all served family style. And none had a cocktail hour like we've experienced on the east coast.
The rest of last week was a blur. Judy left Tuesday morning. The girls were crying. Jade was home with us all week. Jay was busy working. He was having a lot of problems with one set of wheels. I did most of the cooking. It was stressful because work was crazy too. Luckily this week hasn't been terrible with work.
Still haven't gone to the gym; although I've gone running Sat/Mon/Wed. Amd Monday I started this 10 minute routine.
I got an email from %Kosama said I Can sign up for 30 days for $20.16. I'm seriously considering that. Maybe it will get motivated again. But I Can't afford it regular price. There's also another gym nearby that I want to check out but haven't gotten there yet.
The powerball was up to $1.8 BILLION. We played but only won $8.
Cookie pickup is on Saturday morning. Then I have parents coming sat and sunday to pick up and then a booth on monday and a troop meeting.
And guess what, donna is going out of town this weekend! Not that she'd be much help anyway but geez, nice timing.
So I continue to do 95% of all troop things myself, which is fine but yes it can be overwhelming.
We missed the 3rd hike and it looked pretty awesome. Kinda bummed about that one but maybe we can do it one day soon. We took jade on the "bonus" one after christmas and she did ok, but both girls ended up peeing in the mountains. Good thing I had tissues!
I have to say though that I have not missed one day of flossing this year yet!! I put a reminder on my phone and that's that. Maybe I'll do that for here too.
I don't update facebook very often. I don't take pictures. I feel like time is just going by and there will be nothing to look back upon.
I didn't do christmas cards or letters this year. Just didn't feel like it.
Christmas was good. We got jade into her Kura bed. Sold her old dresser and toddler bed. Sold a few things on CL recently. Just trying to make a few extra bucks.
I did splurge and buy a new chair for my office. I needed one desparately. I'm hoping Guy will cover some of the cost. Nancy told me to spend up to $200 on dinner for Christmas... well a chair is a lot more useful to me!
The weekend before Christmas we went to CA. Jay wanted to go to the Fast & Furious house so we drove the GTR all the way to LA, took a picture and then down to SD to Ryan and LExie's. It was like 8 hours in the car. Then we went out to Slaters 50/50 for dinner that night. Sunday we got up (they get up late) hung around for a while and went out to an early lunch at a fish place- really good. Bobby met us there, and then we took the ferry to coronado and just walked around. We didn't even end up buying anything. I did get 1 squished penny and I think Jay got a Rockstar. But it was nice to get up and walking after being in the car. Then we just went back to their house and hung out and watched a movie ate some pizza. We got up early 4:30 and got back on the road Monday morning. Jay got stopped for speeding right before AZ. He said he was doing about 82 or so when the cop was on the other side of the highway and then made a u-turn. Then he blew past us and was almost out of sight. saw him stopped ahead with another car. Then he walks out into the middle of the interstate and flags him down too. Said after he drove past us, jay sped up to 91. There is no way that was accurate. So now he has to fight that- it's like a $900 ticket and a bunch of points because it's 21 over the speed limit. Total BS.
We made lots of cookies for Christmas- 12 in total. Everyone helped. Did we get any in return this year? nope. Did we get ANYTHING this year? No. Well Judy got me 2 gift cards- $100 to macy's and $50 to old navy. I let Jay use the macy's one to get him a shirt, pants and tie for the wedding. I'll use the old navy one eventually. I want to lose a few inches first!
Still haven't spoken to Jay's sister in over a month... oh wait- didn't even MENTION that one yet!
Denise, Dana and Rayne came out for Judy's birthday the first weekend of December as a surprise. They came out Thursday night and were staying until Monday late morning. So Friday they surprised her and we went to butterfly wonderland, had lunch in scottsdale and then came home. They had reservations for a sunset horseback ride. Jay and I stayed home with Jade. I made dinner for everyone by the time the got home. Saturday we went to lolo's for breakfast and then the girls wanted to go building so we went there and they went to some dog convention. Played outside in the yard for the afternoon while they drank their wine and I cooked chili for dinner. We went to the Chandler Light Parade downtown, which was a lot of fun .Sunday we had gotten up and everyone at and were deciding what to do for the last day. I believe we were going to go to the mall and then go out to dinner for Judy's birthday. WELL... Buster was chewing Ginger's tennis ball. Jay went to take it away from him but when he grabbed him, his hand slipped and he had him by the collar and not the scruff. Denise flipped her shit. 'YOU ARE AN ANIMAL ABUSER. I'M GOING TO BE SICK. I CAN'T STAY HERE. HOW COULD YOU DO THAT? HOW CAN YOU LET YOUR CHILDREN SEE YOU DOING THIS TO YOUR ANIMALS?' I wish I was exaggerating.
So the three of them packed up all their crap and left. Stayed at the apartment that night and we didn't see them again before they left. They took my car too- kinda pissed about that. Ruined Judy's birthday and made my girls upset because they had no idea what happened or where everyone just went or why they couldn't have birthday cake with grandma. So until she apologizes for her SELFISH actions, I want nothing to do with her and I don't want the girls talking to her at all. Dana and Rayne, well they made their own decision to pack up too so I'm not very pleased with them either. They chose their side so to speak.
We ended up going out later to angry crab for a belated birthday dinner but it wasn't the same. That's not how things should have gone.

So as you can see, I've been busy. So I'll just use that as an excuse for now

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