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October 19, 2015 - 2:30 pm

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so I have a couple of minutes I think.
Saturday night the girls said they wanted to spend the night with grandma. So we all drove over there and Jay & I walked back. Went out and got some FroYo. On the way home he says to me. 'so the new rule in the house is when we are alone at home, you have to wear sexy lingerie'. I'm glad it was dark, I'm sure my face turned bright red. But it made me just love this man a tiny bit more. I've been so down on my body image lately. So I got changed after we got home.
Unfortunately, they were back at the house before 8am. I was awake but not up yet. geez louise? Was it necessary to get straight back just as the sun's getting up on a Sunday? We wanted to go out to breakfast, so we did anyway.

Sold the couch saturday. new one is coming tomorrow. Spent most of today preparing for troop meeting tonight. Girls are going to a Dance workshop, but I have all this other paperwork to get together.

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