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September 24, 2015 - 1:02 pm

Go away Grandma Ass

So grandma ass has got to go. The weather's been getting cooler so I've been out running more. Also trying to watch what I eat and I got this app called 8fit, which is like a WOD. Also on day 23 of a 30 day squat challenge.
I continue to hate how I look and I'm trying to change it. I want to look amazing for bathing suit season on April.
Work frustrates me to no end. I really am not happy. I wish I didn't have to work at all. Jay is getting busier, but not enough to support the family.
Judy comes out today for 3 months. She's staying at a furnished apartment down the road. I'm excited that she'll be here but not in my face. The girls get to spend time with her and not just 1 week where half the time they are in school or sleeping. Jay and I will hopefully get to go on a few dates. 10 year wedding anniversary this year. I get to go to SEMA this year. Exciting stuff, ya know?
Cadence's 8th birthday party is tomorrow at Mrs Potts Tea party. I'm excited. It's so stinking adorable. I think the girls will have a good time. Saturday we are just going to have cake and we invited some friends over.
ok that's it for now but at least it's something

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