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August 06, 2015 - 9:42 am

August already- back to school!

Here I am being neglectful again. And I was thinking about this last night. It's because it's so easy to write 1-2 sentences on Facebook instead of something meaningful. But I'm getting really fed up with it. I can't get rid of it because it's too valuable a tool for Girl Scouts. I can however, really try to limit the time spent.
So I'm vowing to post more here instead of there. This is a lot more meaningful, for sure. Otherwise I wouldn't have kept it up for 13 years!
Jade started preschool today. 3x a week, 4 hours a day. That means I have 12 working hours with no one home. So in theory, I should be able to find a few minutes a couple of times a week to post here.
She did absolutely fine- as soon as the teacher said she could play with the kitchen, that was it! Cadence started yesterday. She cried a little. She was nervous. I get it- new school, not knowing anyone. Definitely overwhelming! And I did feel bad but I really think this was a good decision. I love the principal. She's so involved and friendly and helpful. Her teacher though, started out on the wrong foot. I had emailed her on Tuesday night asking if she needed lunch for 1/2 days. Got no reply. Got an email about the early release at 11:30 at night so she was on email. Replied to that one at 5:30 when I got up for the gym, just in case it had gone into her spam. Got a reply yesterday at like 2pm- 'oh sorry i missed your email'. I sent her to school with lunch anyway but that's terrible communication! Cadence said there are about 6 new kids in her class. So that's reassuring! And Kennedy- the girl she met when she shadowed, and Maddie- the girl who has the same backpack as her. So hopefully she's on her way to making friends. WHen she got home, she seemed really excited.

So that is this week's big news!

The bathroom is *almost* done. A few finishing touches and then Jay is waiting for Jerry to come back to hook up the plumbing. So I'd say by the end of next week or maybe even a little sooner. It turned out really nice. We are just over $7k, which is a little over budget but not much. And that was all our tax return money.

I ended up taking from my annuity to pay the $4k in doctor bills for jay. Not the smartest tax move, but I don't think we make enough to really be penalized. I also got a letter from the state of NC. Apparently I was supposed to file a tax return when I sold my mom's house in 2011 but I didn't. So Pete took all my paperwork. Said I shouldn't owe anything because it was a loss. I'll just have to pay him obviously. But I was freaking out when that came in the mail a couple of week ago.

We had 6 things left on our summer list- latch hook, summer reading, sleepover, night swimming, outside game and bowling. We went rock climbing on Sunday and had a blast! I took off a few afternoons and we did stuff like sunsplash, and mini golf and the Idea museum and pottery at as you wish. We went to the pool and Enchanted island I think they had a good summer. No vacation, but we did a lot and cadence did 3 weeks at camp.
Jade finished Duck. She's still recommended for Duck, but come next year I"ll just put her in Seahorse. She improved so much in 8 weeks- crazy!
She also went 14 days with no nighttime accidents! I started keeping track on the calendar and she gets a sticker for every day she wakes up dry. Which reminds me that I need to send in extra clothes for Jade for school LOL!
I read 5 whole books this summer! Going to the library with the girls is nice- Cadence read 7. She has to read 1 more to get her free barnes & noble book. But we definitely kept busy with fun stuff this summer and we mostly did it at a family. Jay's been a bit busier with work. He's having some oven trouble though but I think he figured out it's the power switch going bad.
Ramping up again for girl scouts. I'm just gradually taking over the entire troop to make it mine.
Trying to get involved with school and box tops again. I don't have the $75 for a fingerprint clearance card right now so anyway i can help that doesn't involve getting one is just my way of doing my part.
Reviews are around the corner. I got 2 more responsibilities in the last week. I hope there's compensation coming. I applied to a few places but nothing. Money is stressing me out a bit. The american express card is a black hole that will never be paid off. That frightens me.
My dad had emailed me a while back- asking if he was on my shit list because he hadn't heard from me and I told him I'm just busy. When I'm not working, I'm with the girls or sleeping pretty much. It would be nice if he had something set aside for them or me when he goes (he's getting up there- going to be 69 this year), but I'm not counting on it at this point. He never remembers jade's birthday and sometimes remembers cadence's. He doesn't remember mine either.
If I have a chance monday or tuesday when jade is at school, remind me to talk about why I'm frustrated with facebook. it has to do with people not really caring

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