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April 27, 2015 - 8:00 am

Jason's wedding and other happenings

So another 3 weeks has gone by! Disney on ice was fun. The girls enjoyed it, even though we were way up high. I swear- this is the last time I purchase tickets- I never seem to do a good job.
Cadence and Sarah did a council event at the Halle Heart Museum. I was pretty disappointed. It was self-guided, crowded and I don't feel like the girls got much out of it.
We got our taxes done and got almost 10k back between state and federal. Peter said I should have my deductions raised so I get less taken out and then put some of that money into my 401k so I have about $50 more going to my 401k per paycheck and about $75 more coming home in my pocket (well starting 5/15 anyway). So we got the money but haven't started the bathroom yet. Waiting on Randy. We need to start with the window and raising the tub.
Last weekend I was feeling pretty lousy- stomach bug. Cadence too. She got sick on Thursday night or Friday morning so I didn't send her to school. But we had lots of scout stuff planned. Friday was a chocolate lover's workshop. Lot of fun! The girls did 5 different stations- making iced hot cocoa, a mole, fudge, chocolate covered strawberries and then taste-testing different types of chocolate.
Saturday we dropped of 24 pairs of shoes to the goodwill for their Scouting for Shoes program. Then we ran up to the council store and picked up some stuff. We were supposed to go to the softball game but I was just beat. Stomach still wasn't feeling great and I needed to relax. Sunday we had our field trip to the Desert Botanical Gardens again and got the same tour guide Jeff. This one focused on desert wildlife. It was pretty interesting! I drove Brooke and Pria so I had a packed back seat.
Cadence had her follow up orthodontist appt on Monday so I picked her up early from school. She is starting a palette expander. $1500 out of my pocket- that sucks.
She goes back on Thursday of this week.
Friday was the rehearsal for Jason & Celina's wedding and then Saturday was the wedding.
It was nice, but a long day
church at 1. got home at 3, then left at 5 to go drop the girls off and go to the reception. we left at 9 (which was early) and got home around 10. Joes bbq buffet. No cake cutting. Similar to Ken's where everyone sat and ate first then when everyone was done eating they did the first dance and opened up the floor. and then they just said cake was available (little bundt cupcakes). open bar but very limited. I missed the pre-dinner thing, but no cocktail hour. popcorn bar and the bar was open. I got there late- jay had to get there early so i dropped him off and i had to take the girls. Even church was strange. I haven't been to church since I don't know but growing up catholic, those responses are ingrained in your head. They were slightly different here. Maybe because this was more of a Mexican-catholic type church, not Roman catholic.

I have some random things to get to today- besides working, I want to mop the kitchen before the girls get home from school; work on Jay's logo for the stickers; update this; email rebecca about next year and starting a new troop. I also have to call a place about getting my phone fixed- I dropped it at the wedding and busted the screen :(
I managed to go for a run yesterday- 3.5 miles. I've been so slacking at the gym. I just can't wake up anymore.
I'm going to try for weight, cardio, rest day, repeat. so since I did cardio yesterday, today is rest day.
Besides girl scouts tonight, the week looks quiet. Cadence has an ortho appt on Thursday. Jay has his follow up appt with the dr tomorrow. He was supposed to have it last week, but his previous sample leaked somehow. I hope he comes back a 0. We've had 3 or 4 encounters and I don't need any more babies!

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