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April 07, 2015 - 3:07 pm

still doing it all!

So when I was off on Wednesday, I got my dress from the cleaners, picked up the softball tickets, went to the bank for GS, got Jade, took her to Sweeties for her prize for winning the coloring contest- she got a $5 gift card and a huge lollipop. She picked out some gummy candy from the bulk bins. Jay & I also ran to walmart for easter stuff.
Friday we went to the senior center to drop off those 80 boxes of cookies. Lauren, Pria and Addy. 3 out of 8 wasn't too bad. Sarah would have been there if she could have gotten a ride. Then we dyed eggs after Cadence got home from school.
Jay ended up getting a 90 day temp tag. After spending 40 minutes on hold with CA DMV, they told me that the bank filled out the paperwork wrong and the title went to the seller. So he checked when he got home and of course it was there. He overnighted it to us and we had it yesterday. Now to fork over $1400 for registration :(
Saturday I ran my 10k. I was under a 14 minute mile. i finished 304 out of 318. There are some fast people that's for sure!
Then I just relaxed all afternoon and then Jay & I met up with some people and went to the AMC Dine in theater to watch Fast & Furious 7.
A little too plot-heavy and a lot less cars, but they finished it well, with Paul Walker and having to have his brothers stand in for certain scenes, etc.
Sunday was Easter. The girls got up early. The easter bunny didn't get a chance to hide any eggs so Jay & I quickly hid some in the house when they were outside looking. They opened their baskets and then we went to the Good Egg for breakfast. I fell asleep for a few hours and the girls spent the day playing with play doh and running races outside.
Work has been pretty quiet. So I try to work on scout stuff and house stuff. Today I cut out 8 viking shields out of cardboard. Yesterday I finished up the financials for the year. I didn't even bother to consult with Donna. I'm just getting things done. I arranged a Disney on Ice trip for the troop. We have 4 girls going on Friday. It should be fun.
Tonight the tax guy is coming back to go over our return. Hoping for some good news!
Called barb yesterday- she retired on 3/31. Oh and my dad told me that my brother bought a boat and that's where he lives now. And now he calls him all the time to ask him questions. What a loser. I mean you only talk to someone if you need something from them?! That's why I want nothing to do with you. I don't need anything from anyone. We've been out here on our own for almost 7 years now. Who do we have? No one. And we've managed to do just fine. It's amazing how the same DNA can create two totally different results.

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