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May 20, 2015 - 10:02 am

birthday/mother's day... not really a celebration this year

so I have a few minutes and I need to update.

Jay's dr appt was fine. All good there so nothing to worry about.
Decided to take my car in for service because there was an awful squeak coming from the dash. They fixed it, although I was there for almost 3 hours.
Cadence had her metal rings fitted and then her expander installed on 5/14.
Jay took cadence to sunsplash for the 525+ cookie seller award. Jade and I stayed home and did the grocery shopping.
The weather has been pretty mild. We got some rain and I was getting back in the running groove. Found a new route- 4.2 miles.
May 5th we started demo'ing the bathroom!
Thursday the 7th, I got an awesome package from Barb & Tibby- more pictures! Some from our hawaii vacation. I love them all. It was a nice little birthday surprise.
For my birthday, it really wasn't special. I got up and went for a run. I had taken the day off from school so we took both girls to school. Then I came home and started packing, straightening up, folding laundry... all that fun stuff. Then we went and got Jade, Jay dropped us back off and I made her lunch while he got cadence. Then I opened my presents- Cadence got me a new sunshade. Jade got me an Olaf shirt. Jay got me a trunk lip spoiler. By 1:30 we were in the car and on the way to San Diego. We got there about 6:45 and met everyone at the restaurant called the Fish Market. I got the fish and chips. It really wasn't anything special. Lexie had bought a cake for Ryan that they served as dessert. Then we went back to their house for a bit to hang out and then headed to the hotel, which was only about 5 minutes from their house. Stayed at the doubletree. It had a family suite with bunk beds in a separate room. The girls liked that,but other than that, there was nothing special. They were supposed to have breakfast, but we couldn't find any.
So we ended up going to out breakfast and then got everyone together to go to the beach- I think it was about 1 by the time we got there. Stayed for a few hours. Tried to get ahold of Big E to see if they wanted to do something for dinner but by the time we heard from him it was after 5 and up to LA was another hour so that wasn't going to work.
We ended up going to a restaurant called Stacked. I made my own mac and cheese. It was yummy.
Sunday was mother's day. We got up and checked out by 10:00 Stopped by R&L's house but they weren't up so we just hit the road to start heading back. I thought it would be cool to go to Joshua Tree on the way home instead of just driving straight back and knew it would be a bit of a detour. We found a bagel shop and had some breakfast. The ladies gave me a slice of cake for Mother's day. I think we made it to Joshua Tree around 1 or so. Spent 2-3 hours there and didn't get home until 7:30 so it was another LONG day. we got buono's pizza for dinner.
So didn't really celebrate ANYTHING. I did enjoy our day at the beach though. And at JT. And that's what matters.
Monday it was back to work- way too tired. And thus started my downward spiral of not working out again. It's been two weeks since I've done anything. I just can't get up again.
Last week was pretty low key and flew by. Thursday Cadence spent the day at her new school. She seemed to have a good time and was already talking about some girls in her class. Jade finished up Building Blocks on the 15th. We went to her program. I'm definitely going to miss the teachers and the program. It's great! But the convenience of having them both at the same school so close will be wonderful.
We started cleaning the house Friday and got pretty much all of it done except the kitchen and a few other things (the couch is still not scrubbed). Jade spilled milk on the power supply of the media center and blew it up. Saturday morning and early afternoon I finished the kitchen (many hours later- 3 weeks of filth to scrub). By the time I was done it was almost 2 and jay was being a jerk. We were supposed to go out and look at some bathroom stuff but he was mad because I wasn't done earlier?! I dunno- he just took off. Well I had to leave by 5 to go to the zoo for the campout. He got home about 4:30.

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