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March 31, 2015 - 2:03 pm

Almost Easter

It's a little quiet so I'm taking advantage of it!
Jade started preschool last Monday. She already managed to catch something. Yesterday on the way to school, she threw up in the car. Last night she woke up at like 2am burning up. She just got up from a very loooong nap. Her temp feels better and she's covered in sweat. Hopefully she got it out of her system so she can go to school tomorrow.
I've been training for this 10k that I'm doing on Saturday. In fact, I ran 6 miles on Friday! Pretty awesome. my knees are bothering me a bit though so I stopped running on the treadmill and have been running around the neighborhood. Today was my day off. Tomorrow I have to run 4, and then I'm off until Saturday.
Last Saturday was a pretty exciting day. Cadence & I went to the Pueblo Grande Museum in Phoenix and she did a badge workshop. Then later on we did a free golf clinic. She had a lot of fun.
We finally had the tax guy come and go over our return. Hopefully we'll be able to file tomorrow.
It was a busy girl scout week- wed leader meeting, thursday troop meeting, friday easter event hosted by another troop, saturday the international festival (i didn't do anything to help that except bring change), and then yesterday another troop meeting. By Saturday, no one had anything planned so I whipped one together and it was organized and fun. It didn't feel rushed and we didn't have extra time. BECAUSE I AM AWESOME!
I wonder what Donna has been thinking of me lately. She hasn't said hardly anything. I've been super organized and on top of things. Got the financials done, getting events organized for the troop, helping to plan end of year event. If I can just get rid of these damn cookies in the den, I'll be set!
Jay brought up a good point yesterday. Since we are both considered 01's, it's as much my troop as it is her (on paper) so if I wanted to change the meeting location or day/time, and essentially be the point of contact (and in all honesty, I am doing 80% or more of the work), then the money would stay with the troop.
Barb sent me a package the other day. It had a bunch of pictures of me as a little girl. They must have come from my grandmother's things. I guess she asked my brother about them. Still no family vacations or anything like that, but I'll take what I can get.
Looks like cadence is getting all A+'s this quarter, with 1 A- (there was one writing assignment she got 1/3 ). Didn't get the official report card yet though.
Still waiting for the title for the GT-R to come. Our temp tag expired so we either have to get another one or just wait it out.
Jay's procedure is going to cost $574.06, that went toward the deductible.
I took off 1/2 a day tomorrow in the morning to get some easter shopping done while the girls are both at school and run a few errands. I can't believe easter is on Sunday. It snuck up on me this year!
Sorry this is so random but that's how things are lately, very random!
Well until next time

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