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March 19, 2015 - 9:00 am

Another month gone by

Well here it is, 1 month later! I survived another cookie season... HOORAY!

Busy month all around
Car wise- Jay powder coated my wheels a purple color. They look pretty good. Took me a while to get used to them. He sold the Boxteru to Erik and we picked up a 2013 GT-R BE in Blue. 3rd time's a charm? This time we took a small auto loan. I haven't had a car payment since 2007.

Cookie wise- we spent a lot of time trying to find a mystery house, but with no luck. They were giving out extra rounds of clues and when we went back to find the one in Mesa, we saw another girl ring the bell and win. Then we were looking for the one in Chandler and didn't find that one either. The final cookie box total= 854! No little mermaid dinner theatre, but she did get the telescope!

Jade decided on a hello kitty theme for her birthday and I made a caterpillar cake. We only had a few people over- Jason, Erik, Bryan (late of course), us, Sam & Bryleigh, Christy, Pria and Sapphire. At Jade's well visit she was 33 lbs and 41". She has has 1.2" on Cadence at age 3 but Cadence had 4 more lbs on Jade. On her actual birthday we went to Chompies for dinner and brought home a cupcake. Sang happy birthday and she opened her presents from us.

Judy got into town on Friday the 6th around lunchtime. Jay & I had the last cookie booth that night. Saturday was building and Jade's party. I was exhausted. Sunday we went to Lolo's for breakfast, followed by a food coma. I didn't take off for the week, but Cadence had spring break so they actually got to spend time with each other. One day they went to the park. Another day they went to the store. They baked a cake. Thursday I took Cadence and Sarah to a groundbreaking ceremony at Camp Sombrero so we were gone for a few hours and then they played until her mom came about 4pm. We then went to see Cinderella at ASU gammage. Jade fell asleep shortly into the 2nd act. The seats certainly weren't the greatest but the tickets were less than $40 each so that wasn't terrible.
We also went out to Oregano's one night for dinner while Judy was in town too. At least we DID a few things. She took Cadence to the store and bought her a new bike too. Jade of course gets Cadence's old one. Friday after work we went to the Ostrich festival! The girls went on so many rides and we got to see the exotic bird show. They went on a camel ride and we walked through the petting zoo. We were there for 4 hours. Then we got them off to bed. Jay and I went out to dinner- Joe's BBQ. We met up with Travis, Melissa and their roommate Jason and went to Main Event, which is kinda like Dave & busters, with more stuff. We played video games, did lazer tag and a ropes course. We didn't get home until 2am! It was just nice to get out and do something. Really good day.
Saturday was more building, a few errands and then just relaxing. Judy left at 8pm to head home.
Sunday we went to a (supposed to be 90 minute) timeshare presentation. It was 2 hours. They really weren't pushy but when I said no, boy did they get PISSY! We got 4 movie tickets, a 25 gift card to Olive Garden/Red Lobster, $20 cash and a 2 night voucher for a hotel. I'm trying to redeem it. It costs $50 which covers taxes and fees, but you have to book it so far out in advance. If I can't use it for my birthday weekend, maybe we can do a staycation around her during the summer.

I registered Cadence AND Jade for a new school starting in August. It's called CEE, Center for Educational Excellence. It's in Tempe, right at Elliot and McClintock. Re-registration forms had come out in January and I really didn't want to send Cadence back to LEA. I really don't like the principal. I don't feel like she's being challenged enough. The teachers are nice, the new building is nice, but that's about it. And it's so far! This school is literally 5 minutes away. The principal is also the owner and when she gave us the tour, we had that same feeling when we toured with Mr Z! The teachers seem really nice. Their classrooms are so much more colorful and just seem like there's a lot going on. They have a ton of after school clubs. Cadence is excited, which is saying a lot. They have a preschool too, so instead of doing building blocks, which don't get me wrong is a great program and VERY affordable, it's super far. The preschool is about 2x the price of Chandler's but I'll have them in the same building and it's a 4 hour, 3x a week. So they start in August.
I was almost afraid that Cadence would change her mind. Two days before our tour, Brooke came back to her class. She's also back in the troop. Only one more marking period to go and 2nd grade is done!

I'm still undecided about Girl Scouts. They actually have an existing troop at her new school, but they don't seem very active (only meet once a month, hardly any weekend activities). Next week is our leader's meeting so I want to talk to Rebecca and Deborah and get some feedback about the best thing to do (take over the existing troop or just start a new one). Donna really doesn't do ANYTHING for the troop. She's been working on the international festival stuff. But that just makes me more mad because the girls should be doing it! We have 5 meetings left for the year. I've also got 3 troop events planned (that I did on my own). Plus Cadence & I have 3 events that we are doing. In fact, we are missing Lauren's birthday because we are doing 2 GS events that day. I'm kinda glad, terrible as it sounds.
I'm pretty terrible. I moved Cadence's camp registration to a different week so she wouldn't be going with Lauren and Pria. The point of camp is to make NEW friends. Not hang out with the people you know. She does better on her own anyway. She's too easily influenced by her so-called 'friends'. I didn't tell anyone either. Addy might also be going to camp that week too.
Work has been pretty quiet, but Guy has been out of town. I'm sure next week I'll be slammed. So I'll enjoy it while I can, and get things done that I haven't had time to do.

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