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February 12, 2014 - 10:54 am

weighed down

so yesterday I ran to the nail salon to get my boy moustache waxed off. I also deleted facebook. I don't have time for such distractions. And if this is more fuel to the fire that I'm sure is going to ignite soon, then so be it.
What would YOU think, non-existent reader?
I've seem to have caught Cadence's bronchitis or something. The cough that never went away came back with a vengeance since Sunday. I feel like garbage, I still have so much work to get done, plus girl scouts and cookies and kids and house-work. I'm ready to just get up and go. Take my girls and get the hell out. Even if it's only for a day just get away from everything. I can't handle anything else.
And I know a war is inevitable. Always seems to happen around this dumb holiday that doesn't mean anything to me.
I love Jay. I love Cadence. I love Jade. But the weight that is on my shoulders is far too heavy for me to carry and no one is here to help me.

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