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February 05, 2014 - 2:35 pm

What happened to January?

oh diaryland how I've been neglecting you... well I have a good reason. I'M FLIPPING BUSY! Between crazy work, two kids, girl scout leading + cookie mom, box top coordinator, trying to get to the gym, be a wife, and take care of myself... yeah I have time for nothing else.
I never did a november update, and here it is February already.
January was a whirlwind blink. New year weigh in.. I don't even remember. Somewhere around 100. I may have gained weight but it's all muscle. I can almost see ab muscles now.
Resolutions/goals for the year: get through it. Jade is a mental stress. Someone around here is always yelling and it's usually because of her. I can't take all the yelling combined with everything else I have to do.

She's in her toddler bed since Jan 5th and although most nights we have to lay on the floor by her until she falls asleep, it's gone from an hour to about 10 minutes.
Dawn took a trip out here for a few days and we went to dinner with her and her friend. Jay & I did a 3 day juice cleanse. Lost about a pound, but didn't feel much different. Jade figured out how to open cadence's door. Now we have to lock it from the inside.
Jason got us awesome seats to the Devils vs Coyotes game- 2nd row up from the ice right behind the goal. I took Jay and Jade with me. Cadence was at a sleepover.
I had some sort of 24 hour flu where I could barely get off the couch. Josh had to put killer to sleep :(
I did my first 5k on the 25th. The color run. It was a lot of fun. I'd totally do it next year. Got the taxes done.
That was my january. Is that enough for you? Cookies started Jan 26th. It is absolutely insane!
Today is day 2 of potty training. Jade did 1 poop on the potty yesterday. So far nothing today. She's super excited to go sit on it when the timer buzzes, but we need to get this timing worked out.
Cadence hasn't been feeling great. Sore throat, coughing and at night it's so bad she ends up throwing up. I kept her home monday and tuesday of this week, but she was FINE yesterday during the day. It's just at night time. I'm wondering if it's asthma.
I'm a bit on the annoyed side with something and I'll put it here because I have no shame. Jay and this girl (I think an ex) talk almost everyday on facebook. hi, what are you up to blah blah blah. And NO I wasn't spying! He just happens to leave his browser open and if I'm doing cookie stuff in the living room I use his computer so I'm not cooped up in the office for eternity. To me, it's just inappropriate. I don't chit chat or flirt with anybody. I barely have time to shower once a week. I'm not so much jealous- I know he's not going to go leave his family and run off with her. I just see it as an annoyance and disrespectful to me.
After almost 12 years together, the jealousy thing has been done. I don't care where he goes or what he's doing. He goes by Kent's or Travis' or the meet or the gym and I've gotten over all that being stuck at home with the girls. I'm busy with scouts mostly and I take my 90 minute trip to the gym daily, but that's about all I got.
He could look through or read anything of mine- texts facebook emails. There is nothing! I have nothing to hide. He probably doesn't either, that's why he leaves his browser open. But anyway today I called this girl out. Said I didn't appreciate all the chit-chat with my husband. And that I don't care if she tells him that I said that. I might even know her. She worked at the radio station/went to SOU. We may have crossed paths. We have multiple mutual friends.
So yeah I'm just a bit on the annoyed side today. I don't need this too, ya know? I have enough on my plate.
Maybe it's my moustache because I don't have time and/or extra money to spend on getting it waxed.

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