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April 25, 2013 - 10:16 am

stitches out, but still no swimming :(

Well I got my stitches out Tuesday but still no swimming and no refund on the parent/infant class so I'm out $23 :(
My skin needs to seal up more, should be by mid-next week or next weekend. Whenever the new steri-strips fall off. I also got some new massage techniques to do. My left arm feels better but my right is still a bit irritated. I had taken 1/2 a day just to use up the rest of my carryover time, but I really didn't need to. Yesterday we ran to walmart on lunch and picked up a few things like toothpaste, bags, sandbox shovels. I looked for a new shirt for Cadence since it got thrown in with the brown blanket and got ruined, but we had picked it up at the Tempe Wal-mart and they didn't have it at this one. The guy also came to program our new pool pump so we should hopefully be getting our rebate check in 6-8 weeks. Swimming started back up again. The instructor for Cadence is a young guy- mid 20's. First one she's had that didn't dumb things down for kids or find "fun and creative" ways, just gives it to them straight up.
Tuesday Pam sent me flowers. She's such a sweet friend! I also got 4 cases of pirate's booty delivered to my door.
Work is still pretty quiet. Jay & Ken have been spending nights working on the oven. I don't mind.
Still on the firm side, but every day things are getting a little softer. I'm still taking the muscle relaxer at night too just because they said it helps them settle into place more.
Donna asked me about co-leading the troop next year. I'd like to but I just don't know if I'd have the time. I don't want to commit and then not follow through. It wouldn't be fair to the girls.
I realized this morning I have no idea where the receipt for Michael's is. It was the day after my surgery and I was so flipping out of it. Wondering if I left it in Bryan's truck. oh yeah yesterday I got Jade twice to blow me a kiss! =)

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