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April 22, 2013 - 10:16 am

a date night

So the rest of the week was pretty uneventful. Saturday I spent all day cleaning (even though I wasn't supposed to- somebody had to!) Jay & I went to the movies Saturday night to see GI Joe Retaliation. It was pretty good- Bruce Willis, the Rock. It was nice to get out alone.
Sunday early Judy left for the airport. I cleaned the office, did some laundry, gave ginger and the girls baths and then around 2 decided to relax. I actually read an entire book.
I did get angry with jade yesterday because she pulled everything out of the drawer in the desk and had papers strewn everywhere. Well after that I just went on a rampage of anger. I scared myself. I couldn't stop. I was just flipping out. I got both girls in bed and got myself calmed down. I feel terrible for yelling at them like that.

Today I get to reduce my strap wearing hours to 12 a day. I've been "free" since 8 am. I still have to wear the bra, but at least the strap isn't chaffing the inside of my arms. I'm going to wear it from 8pm-8am. Tomorrow I go at 1:30 to get my stitches out, which I'm also excited about. I took 1/2 a day. Maybe I can go to the store and surprise Cadence with something nice.
Tonight starts the next swimming session. I can't take Jade in because of my stitches tonight, but hopefully I can on Wednesday. I feel ok. They are still very tight, almost like I have two bowls taped to my chest, but slowly they are starting to have a little more 'give'. Jay's been helping massage them as well. Saturday night I made him have sex with me. I'm not supposed to for 2 week, but I wasn't supposed to clean the house either. I still don't have 100% range of motion, but I'd say 95%.
I've been pushing Jay to get the Forester done. He has 3 weeks until his surgery. The bumper on the gt-r has to be repainted because when the clear bra was going on some of the clear pulled up due to poor sanding on the body shop's part. So we are down to 0 working cars. (We have Bryan's mini but I think it's a POS.) I don't know why he doesn't think he can get his car done in time. If it's not, then who knows how long it will be before he can work on it after the surgery!
Work is a little slow today too. I have plenty of dishes to put away and some laundry to finish but don't really want to do that either.

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