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May 06, 2013 - 9:57 am

catching up with a hint of sadness

So I didn't update last week- I'm such a slacker
And of course I don't remember a damn thing!
Weekend of 4/27: Saturday We went to Michaels and picked up the frames and hung them on the wall. Also stopped at sprouts. Cadence had her Daisy workshop and she earned her clover patch. Donna picked her up and then they came back afterwards and went swimming. I only went in waist deep and stayed by the steps. Jade got to use her new float, which she loved.
Sunday we drove up to flagstaff to buy 2 tires for the Mini for Bryan. Jade did OK in the car. I had to get in the backseat for about 30 minutes to calm them down. Almost 3 hours up, had lunch and met up with Aaron, and then another 2 1/2 hours down. It was a long day and I was sore and felt like garbage when we got home so I went to bed by 8:30.
Monday we picked Cadence up from school and then went to the Chiropractor. We also went to Costco and the other walmart (still no wreck-it ralph shirt). And we picked up a couple of things at Albertson's too. And THEN went to swimming lessons!
Tuesday we picked up Cadence from school, stopped at Sprouts and got some sausage and then went to Tutor time to get information on their summer program.
Wednesday, Jade woke me up at 4:30! So I fell asleep in the living room sometime between 6:15 and 7. Woke up at 7:20, late for work. Jade completely trashed Cadence's room and Jay found her running around the house with scissors. swimming and picked up an Eggplant parm sandwich from Buono's on the way home.
Thursday, I pretty much stopped working at 12:30 for the day, put in 6 hours. Went to Target & got a bathing suit, the dollar store and then got Cadence. I did some work Thursday night for about an hour though for Blake.
Friday we picked up Cadence and got Sonic for lunch. 3rd time with no cherry in my Limeade! Last swimming class and she advanced to Frog!
Saturday we were up early so I went for a jog with Jade! I did ok, considering 3 weeks post op being a lazy mofo. I also started a 30 day squat challenge. Then we had the animal shelter tour with the troop. Then I came home and cleaned, cleaned cleaned. We went to Kona Grill for dinner and I still wasn't done cleaning. Jay hung his skateboard decks on the wall with a mount he designed himself (He's very proud of it). I went to bed defeated with no sheet.
Sunday got the kitchen cleaned by 11 and then passed out for 2 hours! Woke up, jade was still sleeping and Cadence was eating a sandwich she made herself! Jay had gone out and wasn't even home yet. I really needed that nap. I then got the sheets on the bed and me and the girls got in the pool for a while. Then we hung out outside for about an hour while Jay & ken worked on the oven. Tacos for dinner for cinco de mayo and I made a mojito. Even got to play some games with Cadence while Jade took a nap. I like spending time with them together and then individually. Cadence worked on her mothers day cards.
Work has been pretty slow- it's making me crazy.
Jade is super tired today. She's getting another tooth in on the bottom right. I finally updated her baby book with her teeth. I didn't have dates on a lot of them so I had to do my best guess by looking at pictures. This is her 7th tooth. She is babbling so much now that I'm sure words are going to start coming out soon.
Today she is 14 months and 4 days, the same age that baby PatPat passed. I was grateful when she woke up this morning. I know it's silly because it can happen at any time, or by any way. I just feel so much empathy for the ones he left behind

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