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November 29, 2012 - 3:35 pm

trying to catch up

so two weeks have gone by. I don't know where time goes.
This week is crazy to me, I think because I took off Monday, my mind is a day behind. Monday and Tuesday, I just didn't have enough hours in the day to Kosama. I had returns to do, and papers to organize, Jade's to feed, books to help Cadence read. Monday I made a chicken dinner in the crock pot and got all the presents wrapped. So confusing to separate santa gifts and paper from mom & dad gifts and paper. I also attempted my first crumb cake. I could NOT get the dough to rise with the yeast so the cake was too dense and wasn't cooking so I left it in longer and the crumbs got dried out. Tuesday was blah leftovers and bath night. Yesterday was kickboxing. My shoulders hurt.
Sunday I went food shopping with Cadence. Jay got mad at me and stormed off before we even left for the store. He did surprise me with edible arrangements on Monday to say he loves me though.
Saturday I have no clue what I did. Went to kickboxing, ate 3 slices of pie, mostly for breakfast. Watched MIB 3. I think we were playing outside for a bit. Oh yeah, I spent the WHOLE DAY cleaning and getting the christmas decorations put up.
Friday was black friday. They only had morning classes so I did a 7:30. I was tired. I took the girls to the park for a bit. Ken and Erica came over for dinner. Jay made meatloaf, and then they brought peppermint bark cheesecake from cheesecake factory, which was so delicious.
Thanksgiving was the 22nd. Jay invited his friend Wes over because he didn't have any place to go. I didn't mind, it's nice to have conversation. We just got boston market. Very low key.

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