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November 15, 2012 - 3:12 pm

black forest cake

So Monday night the internet finally got fixed so Tuesday it was back to work. I worked a full 8 hours+ and got so much crap done. Stomach was feeling pretty good but I took one more day off just in case. Tuesday it was back to the gym! Jay got his zombie game too so he's been busy with that since Tuesday morning. Yesterday I made chili and Ken came over for dinner. Erica was working but he took some leftovers home for her. By yesterday afternoon, I was entirely caught up with work. Today I made my black forest cake. It looks really good and the cake part tastes good so I'm sure it is delicious.
Thanksgiving is next week already! Craziness. We tried to invite some people over but nobody wants to hang out with us. oh well. ok i gotta get dressed and ready to go

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