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November 12, 2012 - 10:22 am

a broken laptop

oh man so I'm still not able to work. 2 weeks now. It's getting dumb because I can do email and some stuff but not stuff that NEEDS to get done. And why would anyone do any of my work? I have to go backwards because it's just easier for me
Yesterday was Parker's birthday party. Cadence had a blast. She had 2 ponies dressed like Pegasus that they got to ride and feed. I deleted facebook again. I"m just annoyed with the program itself. It doesn't show me the latest news feeds so I said, eh I don't need a time-waster. Saturday I got my cleaning done by 1 and then we went to Albertsons to go food shopping. Starting getting ready for Thanksgiving (which is less than 2 weeks away!) I've been suffering from food poisoning for the last few days. Pretty sure the Turkey Burger I ate on Thursday was under cooked. UGH.
Friday since I couldn't do much work, I got a lot of cleaning done in the morning and then took a nap in the afternoon. Only did Kosama Tue, Wed, Thursday this week. Friday we made spaghetti squash with meat sauce for dinner. It was pretty delicious. Thursday Cadence to go to the Dr for her 2nd flu shot. I took Jade with me to the gym. She did ok, but with about 15-20 minutes left she started getting antsy. Jade & I went to goodwill and got some stuff for Christmas since I couldn't do any work. We also went to Cornish Pasty for lunch- sooooo delicious.
Wednesday we went to Costco at lunch and I lost Jade's new binkie that I just bought- so annoyed. We made garlic shrimp with white beans for dinner and Jay burnt his hand moving the pot that just came out of the broiler. So I had to bandage him up, give the girls a bath- it was just chaos. The shrimp was pretty good though!
Tuesday was election day. Cadence stayed home from school because she felt awful. Jade & I went to walmart at 6AM to get her some medicine and got some Halloween stuff on discount. We also went and voted. Obama got elected for a 2nd term, and 7 states approved gay marriage. Arizona is still republican run, but it was a much closer race than in other years. I also finally got setup with my heart rate monitor for Kosama. It's pretty cool I must say
Tuesday Jay and I were on somewhat speaking terms again. We even went to dinner at Serrano's. Monday I pretty much sat in my office all day, didn't eat, didn't do anything.
Sunday, I was so tired because I got no sleep because Jade was up- she's got a bit of a cold/runny nose. I asked Jay to watch her so I could get some sleep at 8am. Well she was yelling and yelling in the living room. I walked out there and he's just sitting with his laptop while she's on the floor yelling so I grabbed her and said that I would take care of her because he obviously wasn't. He got mad and threw his laptop and broke it. I was so angry- one because he threw something at me and two because I bought it for him! So Jade and I hung out all day long, in her room and she slept with me Sunday night.
Saturday, we went to Jay's gym for an open hours for lunch, but that was really it. Didn't really do anything all day and had hot dogs for dinner. I'm pretty sure I got a nap in there somewhere.
Friday, Jay got home around 8:30. I was exhausted. I had to take Cadence to school then "work" for 3 hours, then pick her up. We went to Sonic for Lunch. We ate in the car. She liked that. Then we went to the gym (all of us) and had leftovers for dinner. Jade turned 8 months so we took lots of pictures when cadence was at school and I placed a free order on shutterfly. Thursday was pretty much the same thing.

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