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December 02, 2012 - 10:07 am

trying to finish my update

ok so I didn't finish catching up on Thursday as I planned. Just too much to do!
Back to Thanksgiving (11/22)- I went out Thanksgiving night to Walmart for a little early Black Friday shopping. People were nice. The lines to checkout were a little disorganized but other than that, not a bad experience. They had everything but 1 thing I wanted to get, but was then able to order it online anyway!
Wednesday before Thanksgiving, I got into the apple pie and ate a quarter of the pie WITH ICE CREAM! It was so good! Tuesday Ken and Erica came over for dinner. Monday was Jay's birthday. We went to ToysRUs on lunch and did some shopping, picked up Taco Bell for lunch, and then went to Kona Grill with Erik for dinner for his birthday. Then we brought back some frozen yogurt at the mall for dessert. He didn't want a cake. I ordered him a new laptop for his birthday, it was a deal on Amazon.
Sunday morning we went to Ihop for breakfast. I got banana bread french toast. Probably the most delicious French toast I've ever eaten. Then we went to Chandler fashion center and I got the new Hallmark snowman, the 2012 ornament, we walked through a few stores, Cadence used her birthday money to buy a new Build A Bear.
Then later on Sunday we went to Sears at fiesta mall. We got our shirts for our pictures, and Jay picked up some t-shirts that fit him and (get this) a pair of jeans! We only had an hour before the store closed so he didn't have a lot of time to look/try on stuff.
I don't think much happened Thursday 15th-Saturday the 17th. Looks like I didn't even go to Kosama on Saturday.
November I went to Kosama 18 out of 25 times, pretty good!! That works out to $3.27 per class, which is not bad when you look at it that way. I can SEE the difference in the way I look. All my clothes are too big on me. I shouldn't have gotten rid of the ones I did last year that didn't fit me anymore. Although Jay wants to know "where my ass went".
As an aside, the black forest cake WAS totally delicious. I shared with Ken, Erica, Erik and Jason. I took Cadence to the dentist last week. No cavities and she even let them take x-rays, which I thought was cool because you can see her big teeth behind her baby teeth. I spent the last two weeks doing online shopping and Cadence and Jade are pretty much done. Spent over $800 between the two of them. Still have to get Rayne something- maybe we'll just send her money. It's cheaper to ship. And have to get Jay something but I don't know what.
Since my last half update, I went to Kosama on Thursday and then we splurged and got Buono's pizza for dinner and baked penne! Friday I left work early and we went for our holiday and Jade's 9 month pictures. Then off to kickboxing. Jay went to Cheesecake factory and just bought an entire peppermint bark cheesecake. We FINALLY got to spend some time together relaxing and watching TV and eating cheesecake. We didn't get to just spend time together like that all week long. Yesterday I went to the gym +2 and then went to Brooke's. I sold the cat carrier on Craigslist for $15. I had also sold the rainforest jumper for $30. I'm trying to sell the elmo gym but so far no luck...
Jade is 9 months today. She's eaten regular oatmeal, broccoli, red beans, cottage cheese, pasta, kale, cauliflower, turnips, prunes. On Jay's birthday, she took her first couple of steps alone. On the 29th she was up to 10 steps solo. We moved the crib to the bottom setting on the 23rd.
I need to update her book today and take more pics. I've been pretty good with that, much better than with Cadence, unfortunately.

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