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February 08, 2012 - 9:06 am

holy busy

so busy busy busy.
Got the countertop ordered last week. Cabinets will be delivered tomorrow. Got most of the stuff we need for the bathroom. We are right around $3k right now. I think $3700 will be about what everything comes out to.
Got the taxes filed on Thursday and got to see Danny too. Dave is going to jail for 4 months for DUI's. That sucks.
Got the desk together last weekend, bought the tv/monitor at costco and rearranged the office. just need to get the mount ordered for this one and the office is done. Put the stickers up in the baby's room so that's done.
The guy picked up jay's car on sunday.... :( I never even got to drive it. So he's trying to figure out what to get.
the Sibling class was cute. Cadence enjoyed it and that's all that mattered. Dr appt was good. I have another one on Monday. 3 more supposedly: 13th, 27th and the 12th.
Judy will be here in 3 weeks. I have 4.5 weeks left to go.
Haven't touched the living room yet. Jay needs to order longer HDMI cables.
Saturday is demo day for the bathroom. Hopefully they can come out to measure the countertop monday or tuesday and then it's about 2 weeks from there. It should be finished up by the time Judy gets here because almost everything else can get done while we're waiting for that. We went to like 6 places, but finally found a good deal on a remnant.
Cadence is still having problems with nighttime accidents, but she's also been sick with a cold for a week and a half. Finally- 2 nights without an accident. I Put her back in the goodnights for the last week because I was sick of washing sheets!
Work has still been crazy busy. Frank gave his notice. They aren't replacing him as our company is smaller and doesn't need someone in that type of position, etc, so they divied up his responsibilities.
Ginger is also still having accidents. Took her to the vet and she was like 15 lbs so she almost doubled in weight. She goes back in 2 weeks for her last round of shots.
Monday night our kitchen sink clogged up so I had to contact the home warranty company- first time we used this place. They came out by noon the next day and got it taken care of, but man that repairman was doubling as a salesman trying to overcharge us and tell us we should get a main drain cleanout and all this other nonsense.
Got in touch with our lender, stewart and started pulling together paperwork for the HARP refinance. Should go into effect March 1st so hopefully we can get approved for that and save some money.
When we went to Costco to buy the tv, we ended up buying a new set of pots for $600 LOL! Such a horrible impulse buy but they are really nice pots. It was a $1000 costco day.
Told you I've been busy!!

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