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May 05, 2020 - 2:41 pm

3 more days!

Sunday was Pound, Swimming, Troop Meetings. Yesterday was juicing a lot of lemons! Mowed the lawn, picked up over 50 lemons that fell on the ground, picked up dog poo. Nothing too fun or very productive. Didn't even practice or take a class yesterday.
Today I had part 1 of my TRX training. They talk SO fast, it's not recorded and they are saying all this stuff that's not in the manual so I'm making lots and lots of notes. All while trying to do some hands on exercises! We had sushi for lunch and then I've just been organizing emails, nothing much.
I don't think I did much else Saturday either.
AZ is starting to open back up. Salons are opening friday and restaurants can open up Monday for dine in. No word on pools or gyms or the library yet. The numbers are still rising. I think they are just sick of paying people unemployment.

one week update...
Coronavirus Cases: 3,714,982 (almost 700k more since 4/27)
ACTIVE CASES: 2,221,960 (300k more)
Recovered: 1,235,717 (300k more)
Deaths: 257,305 (46k more)

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