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May 25, 2019 - 7:35 am

here we go again

Officially unemployed again! Excited, nervous.
Zumba training was not fun at all. I just don't like it. I tried- I did. Plus $40 a month or your certification is only good for 6 months and you don't get ANYTHING for choreo...
Sunday I ran around like a madwoman- last minute cancellations at my meeting frustrated me.
This week was slow at work. The minutes seemed like hours.
I subbed Tiffany's class again, but this time no one showed. My class had my two regulars. I added a bunch of new material so I spent a lot of my free time practicing this week.
Cadence missed honor roll AGAIN because of math, but she did get a 96 on her poem!
Yesterday was the last day of school. Then I got a haircut and chopped it all off!
I feel like we will be OK with only 1 income again and I will look until I find the right job. I'm not going to settle or rush into anything but then Jay will make a comment and then it makes me nervous and doubt myself. We are in an OK position right now but we do have 2 car payments.I picked this month because there were 3 pay cycles in May plus I get almost 40 hours of vacation time paid out so 3 extra weeks of pay which is almost like an entire month so I should be good through the end of June.
I want to try and pick up some more classes too. i need to work on my marketing of myself.
We have this week off together as a family then both girls are gone the first week, then Cadence is gone for 2, and then they are gone again and then it's July!

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