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June 25, 2019 - 1:17 pm

4 weeks of summer over, 4 to go

It's been... a while. I've been lazy/busy.
The weeks that Cadence was gone, I did some serious cleaning- closets, vanities, cabinets, drawers... stuff that hadn't been touch in 1+ years.
Did some kids pound, took jade to the dentist, did some adult pound. Watched Dumbo (so sad!). Did some TD work, went to the grand opening of Grind Time Coffee. Sunday was father's day. Jade made a card and I took a picture of one and texted it to jay. We also had to fix the dishwasher because when I was cleaning the cabinets out on Saturday, we noticed that the garbage disposal was leaking because the rubber seal was ripped. Jay installed the new disposal, but didn't read the directions and pop out the plug for a dishwasher. Ran the dishwasher Saturday night and it couldn't drain.
The 2nd week I had a lot of senior classes. No kids classes. Jade went to Cali's house Thursday for a few hours and I got a good chunk of the house cleaned. Finished up most of it after she got home. Picked up Cadence from the bus Friday night and went out to dinner. Saturday I had seniors and then we just hung out all day. Went night swimming and watched a dog's way home- it was a fun night. Sunday we drove them back up to camp again. Neither of them were excited about going. Yesterday I had kids pound and today I did some TD work. Bills are coming due and I have no idea when I'm getting paid for any of these classes.
I hope Jay can take off tomorrow. We only have Wed & Thursday before we have to drive and pick up the girls again Friday and Thursday I have 6 classes to teach!

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