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August 13, 2019 - 9:50 am

keeping organized

got a few minutes for a quick update. Last week I worked 13 hours and completed the 2018 bank recs. I taught 1 class as a corporate wellness for Gila River Casinos- it was a blast. Friday I was at a skateland recruitment event for 3 hours. Saturday was grocery shopping, meal planning, clean the pool, drain, clean and refill the hottub. Then it was run around like a crazy to get ready for troop meeting on Sunday! I'm just trying to stay on top of things and be more organized now that classes have died down. Back to using my to-do lists. Yesterday I spent almost the whole day organizing from Sunday's meeting- paperwork, recaps, putting ideas together for the year. I had 2 new Brownies, but one decided it was way too far for her. The other is considering joining. I only have 5, maybe 6. I'd love 8. I have 6 Cadettes. 14 is a good number.
Paige wants me to pick up a Thursday and Saturday class and she also mentioned a tuesday class. I'd miss a few days, but I'll see if we can make it work. Guy wants a call in 5 minutes to wrap up 2018. Hopefully it's a quick one. I still have to do 2019 so that project isn't done yet.
Still waiting on payment from Xplore. Waiting on Top Notch to pay me for my missing class too. TD owes me about $800. I am so broke right now. I am keeping an eye on part time jobs but I don't want retail or fast food. I'd love a part time office gig. OSG posted a new job so I applied for it. We shall see. I guess I can always put in the effort to actually help Jay like I said I would. I'm busy being home maker/pool gal/ landscaper/ chef.

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