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May 17, 2019 - 8:23 pm

one more week

I don't even know where the day went!
The week went by slow. Wednesday felt like it should have been Thursday. Thursday I felt like doing nothing. It feels weird to sit at this desk at home now after being at work. Doesn't quite feel comfortable. Just one 1 week left and kyle is on vacation- WOOHOO!
I subbed Tiffany's wednesday class and had 2 people and I had 3 in mine on Thursday. Had trouble sleeping all week and felt tired. Today I dropped my car off for service for some rattles and the AC (they have to get some parts for that). Also asked about the battery drain and they are looking into it. Got Sunday's meeting plan/prepped and ready to go because I'm not going to be home all day tomorrow. I'm going to get Zumba certified! Desert Fitness had a free spot so I took it. I figured it's CEU's plus just an expansion of my teaching, which I'm really trying to work on. Jade had meet the teacher night- none of her friends are in her class. Cadence recited her poem in front of the class and supposedly she got a 96, but her grade hasn't been posted yet.
Last troop meeting is Sunday. This weekend is going to fly by- I hope the week does too so I can start enjoying my summer (although I'll be broke!)

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