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May 13, 2019 - 7:29 pm

hoping 39 is my year

Level Up was Amazing! It was such a great day to be around people who share the same love for Pound. It was a LONG day and I didn't get home until about 10pm.
The week flew by- Tue, Wed, Thurs was busy with work.
Tuesday was Cadence's concert. She did a piece with 2 other students- Try everything from Zootopia.
Wednesday, my birthday, Jay brought me a boba tea and arby's and we ate lunch outside. I gave my notice as I left for the day. Then we had JH 411 night and went to Serrano's for dinner. Cadence made me a cake and we sang happy birthday. The girls made me cards. No presents but Judy sent $50.
Thursday, I had class- just one girl trying out the gym but I tried to use my level up training to make it awesome.
Friday I went to work- for 4 hours. All I did was answer the phone and sort emails. It flew by. Then I came home and cleaned. Jay helped a little bit too. Then I got the girls, went to the library and then courtney's to pick up program credits. More cleaning- spent a lot of time in the playroom and finally gave up around 9. Saturday I was up early because I wake up early every day now. Finished the cleaning by 9:30 YAY and then off to golfland for the Cadette cookie reward day. It was fun, but I wish I didn't buy the game cards because they didn't even use them so I wasted $45. Saturday night I wanted to celebrate my birthday so we did. We went for a pretty long walk. I got over 21k steps. Went to bed around 2. And yesterday, mother's day, I stayed in my pj's all day and just chilled with my family. Jay made breakfast around 10 and then stuffed shells for dinner.
Today back to work. Kyle was a total beast today with Missie and Suzy back in the office. I was glad to leave at 3 for Jade's concert.
Not much going on this week ,besides regular stuff.

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