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August 06, 2018 - 10:07 pm

another one bites the dust.

I've pretty much spent the entire day on the computer. Mostly GS things. No job hunting today. I also got my flyer created for GenPound.
Monday/Tuesday I did a decent amount of applying. I had my 6:30am interview with the recruiter for Best Western, which went well. I should hear back from him tomorrow or Wednesday. I haven't heard back from Net@work. I'm going to follow up tomorrow on that one.
Found out that Jade is moving up out of Fish to Porpoise... that was quick! So next year I'll probably do 1 round of Fish as a refresher and then Porpoise.
Tuesday I had 2 in class. I broke MY ripstix! My original one from training on Sleep now in the fire. 2 sticks in one week. Total bad ass moment right there!
Wednesday I sat on a webinar about group fitness. I just did it for CEC's for when I do get my Group X certification. I also taught at Desert Fitness. Only 2 people in class but they sang my praises to the front desk and hoped that I'd be back again. That makes me feel awesome. Cadence also had an Ortho appt and has to go back again in Feb. Only 4 baby teeth left in her mouth!
Thursday I had a 90 minute conference call with Rach, Laura and Cheryl. My brain wanted to explode after that. But at the same time, when I got off the call, it's not my problem anymore! I spent quite a few hours applying for jobs. I noticed that Valassis reposted their job...then an hour later I got an email saying I was not selected. By then I wasn't surprised, but I'm not really sure why. Atmosol still has their job posting up as well. Their loss! Last day of swimming, huge haboob rolled in halfway through. Everyone got kicked out of the pool. Jade got upset she didn't get to go down the slide.
Friday I spent most of the day building with legos. Went to lunch with Jay and Joe.
We moved our school pickup to across the street. The school was making them walk all the way around for no reason. This saves them some time.

I have my productive days and my lazy days. My productive days are more productive when Jay isn't around.

Saturday we got up early, washed both the cars, I picked up the dog poop and did laundry. Then we went food shopping, ugh. Lauren came over for a sleepover and we went out to applebees for dinner and then I told them all to go swimming, which they did for about an hour while I trimmed the lime tree. She got picked up around 10; I practiced some pound and then tried to get all my girl scout stuff together. At 2 I had a service team meeting, and left at 4 to come home for a troop meeting at 4:30!

Today I spent over 4 hours planning, emailing, organizing, etc, etc. I did my flyer. I went with Jay and he finally found a work car. I brushed the pool because it is so badly stained.

Tomorrow I have 1 interview, a dentist appt, work, and maybe a TD conference call. I typed up email instructions so maybe they won't need me. I haven't started on any of that stuff. I get busy/distracted, especially now with Scouts starting up, fall product coming, trying to launch my GenPound class. I just hope whoever I end up working for can be flexible with that for the 6 weeks.

Oh we got approved for reduced lunch! My unemployment claim is still pending. My ACCCHS claim is pending as well.

Wednesday I have another interview and a leader meeting and lego building. The rest of the week and weekend look quiet for now- cleaning, which I can hopefully do on Friday

Oh I also talked to Barb this week and found out my brother is getting married in october to someone he has known since Junior High.... I wonder what is wrong with her! HA

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