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August 22, 2018 - 9:23 am

still interviewing.

I think the best western interview went well. I haven't heard back yet so at least I haven't been eliminated... Then I had a meeting at Deborah's with the girl squad about fall product rally. It was from 6-8 and when I got home I had a headache. I wonder if it's something in her house that causes them.
Tuesday Jay went to pound with me with Lisa and Kiva. He did alright.
Wednesday night I had fall product program training. I thought they'd have food, but they didn't and I was starving. I got home around 9 and ate a bowl of cereal :(
Thursday I had my interview at BCBS, which I also think went well. Still waiting to hear back from them also. Then we had curriculum night at school so it was another night of bad eating for dinner.
Friday we all ate dinner at home together.
Saturday I taught and then we went to the grocery store, planned meals for the week. Had sushi for dinner. Jade wanted it for lunch but they aren't open for lunch on the weekend.
Sunday 8/19/18! We didn't do anything. I worked on Girl Scout stuff, cleaned up and then had our troop meeting.
Monday I started really working on fall product rally stuff. Spent almost the whole day too, but got a lot accomplished.
Yesterday, I started working on Pound stuff because I just haven't had time. I also started planning the next troop meeting. I had a phone screen Monday, which turned into an interview yesterday but I think they are looking for someone with more technical knowledge.
I have 2 more phone interviews on Friday. I'm slightly discouraged that I haven't found anything yet.
Today I launch GenPound! So I want to get that stuff together and then maybe do some more on this rally and then do some job hunting. I haven't done any applying this week yet.
After we dropped off the girls this morning, we went and saw Mark- he had his coffee truck nearby. Also found out he moved out of STV to Mesa so maybe we'll get to see them more

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