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July 30, 2018 - 10:16 am

end of july

My call went ok on Thursday. I even got positive feedback. I then had gotten an email about setting up an in-person for that last screen/at home evaluation I did. Then we picked up the girls from school, dinner, swimming, etc.
Friday, I heard back from the woman that they decided to close the position so either they hired internally or decided not to hire someone at this time. Bummer. I spent most of my day cleaning and Jay and I went to Chompie's for lunch, but it wasn't very good. By the time the girls got home, I had everything but the kitchen and half the playroom done, so I finished those up.
Saturday morning I spent some time working on planning the first two girl scout meetings. Then I taught. Only 2 in class. After I got home, I spent some more time on girl scout stuff. And then it was like 4pm. We had some leftover dinner and played some games. I was helping jade look for her little live pet turtle- I found it in the barbie bin. I spent some time dressing all of them and straightening up.
Sunday we went rock climbing. We had some sort of free pass on the account so I didn't even have to use the girls' groupon (which is partially expired). Jay and I didn't climb. I was so sore from Saturday. Then we went to supercharge and we had lunch at 5 guys (someplace new). We stopped and got the girls their free culvers scoops and I also had a coupon expiring for a free small bath & body works lotion. So the whole day only cost us about $35.
We got home around 3. I decided to finish building Cloud Cukoo Land and organizing the legos. The girls were playing barbies for a while.
I felt like it wasn't a productive weekend, but I did get the house clean and we did something fun and I started on Scouts and have the first two meetings planned and a shopping list ready to go.
Today we dropped the girls off at school; then I had to go fill out my paperwork because I am subbing at Desert Fitness on Wednesday (3 classes this week!).
Then I came home, put the dishwasher on, laundry, finished cleaning jade's desk, vacuumed again , practiced pound and now updating here.
I only have the one interview lined up for this week. I do need to do some job hunting today. I also need to work on the Fall Product rally (my paperwork should be coming tomorrow).
I'm starting to find my groove and get organized, but the days blur together.

I'm frustrated I haven't found a job yet, but at the same time I'm not as worried anymore.
Tomorrow I might spend some time on my TD project.

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