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August 27, 2018 - 10:17 am

gen pound chaos

I found out Wednesday that Tuesday's interview was a no, but I had that feeling before I even got off the phone. GenPound was CHAOS and I was so discouraged and upset that I came home and took like a 30 minute soak in the tub. I needed someone to wrangle the kids up. Some wanted to have snack & social time and not participate at all. One older kid had a crying fit in the corner (he did apologize to me afterwards). After the I am a rockstar activity, 4 of them just sat coloring. I don’t know if it was more parents signing their kids up and they not knowing what to expect or what...
I can only hope this week is better. I have a plan of attack- shorten to 30 minutes, have snack and time to gather everyone first, and then make sure everyone is packed up and ready to go and maybe even get out 5 minutes early.
Thursday I gave the dogs a bath and started doing some cleaning. Got both bathrooms and most of the living room cleaned. Jay did the 4 easy rooms. Friday I finished cleaning most of the house (kitchen, girls' rooms) A few things in the kitchen I didn't get to finish. I also had 2 phone interviews in the morning so I didn't start cleaning until after 12! Cadence had gotten invited to Laurens but I told her no because she didn't finish her book report.... Well she came home and finished that sucker QUICK. We dropped her off at the movies and we went out to dinner- Nicotony's... supposedly Buono's original owner (but not the same people who owned it when we started going there).
Saturday I finished the kitchen, taught pound (I had 4 people in class!), then went to Nico's birthday party, then left early so I can get CPR recertified (only 1.5 hours, no test, and FREE), then home and just lounged out a bit. Played some games with the girls. It seems to be a regular saturday thing, and it's nice. Jay got mad at Cadence for not wanting to fold laundry and banned her from all electronics.
Sunday I got up early and started brushing the pool, but then I told jade to go swimming so I didn't get very far. I started picking up poop then I started trimming the trees and mowing the lawn. The girls were in the pool for close to 2 hours. I was doing yard work the entire morning. Then I went to the front and picked all the weeds. Then I was reading a book for a bit; dinner; board games.
The internet has been in and out a lot lately.
Today, I brushed the pool, then I started saving jobs. I got an email from BW about a 2nd interview- that's scheduled for tomorrow. I gotta get my revised roster to the school, work on rally stuff, apply for jobs, revised my setlist and my playlist. I have 3 adult and my gen pound class this week. I setup to pay all the bills. As long as I can get a paycheck by 9/30, I won't have to touch savings.

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