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September 10, 2018 - 10:46 am

and now begins week 9

Last week was a down one. I shed some tears of discouragement, first time in a few weeks. So I used my energy and focused on rally and finished it up.
Got my labwork done last week. All normal. We went to the movies on wednesday and saw the Happytime Murders. It was funny and only $5 tickets.
Gen pound was still chaotic. I couldn't even finish the 30 minute list (18 minutes of music). We had to move to the music room because there was a staff meeting. Then those girls spilled water all over the floor :insert eye roll: But the kids are getting better with the moves and participating (except for two of the 3).
Thursday cox came and said our wire pretty much melted and that's why our connectivity sucks. Then I had a JIAD meeting to walk through Saturday's event. I volunTOLD Cadence to help. She was hesitant, but then had fun. I also got a call on Thursday to come in for an interview on Friday at the casino. I thought it was a little shady but I didn't have any interviews all week so I went. Then I got an email to setup a phone interview friday too. So friday was busy with interviews- in person at the casino (I think it went well). Then I started cleaning and got a phone call HR screen from Isagenix, who'd like to setup a phone interview next week (took me off guard completely but I'm good at HR screens), and then I had my phone interview at OSG billing. Most likely having an in person interview this Thursday but haven't gotten the calendar invite yet. Then we went to lunch with Joe and I didn't even finish cleaning the kitchen let alone anything else in the house before it was time to get the girls. After school, I went full steam on most of the house and spent my evening cleaning. Saturday I finished up everything but the playroom before it was time for work. Went to leave and my car door wouldn't shut. Tried again and no... then get out and my moulding is dented! The window didn't roll down automatically... I was so upset and frustrated and then NO ONE WAS IN CLASS. GRR so I wished I didn't even go. Came home, ate and off to JIAD. It was fun but I got the outside station, a hike x5. It was hot. I got over 20k steps and drank like 3 bottles of water. After I got home I was beat and my feet hurt.
Sunday morning was slow moving. I did get the playroom cleaned. Spent about 2 hours in there.Went swimming for a little bit. Prepped for troop meeting, ran to the dollar tree. Daisies went great. Cadettes... ugh. Julia was supposed to guest talk, but she cancelled Friday. Then Paula was going to come and I had Jessica coming. Jessica says she'll be 30 minutes late. Ok I'll have Paula go first. When we ran to the store, I had left my phone at home. Paula texted said her daughter had an asthma attack and was at home doing a breathing treatment but she said she still wanted to help. By the time I got back to her it was only 20 minutes to meeting time so she went to her her son's performance and her dad stayed home with Kaelyn so she wasn't coming. So the girls ran around yelling for 45 minutes until alexia's mom came.
Then we ate dinner and for 2 hours I cleaned up,and organized everything.
Today it's already 11. I've emptied the dishwasher, folded 2 loads of laundry, updated here, sent out parent emails about fall product and meeting updates. I started saving jobs, but haven't applied to any yet today. I need to spend some time on that. I also wanted to write a letter to Rayne. Her birthday was last week. We didn't send a card or anything. I just don't know what to do & jay is no help when it comes to stuff like that.

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