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July 26, 2018 - 9:13 am

busy week for sure

Week 2 of being unemployed is almost over. It is going by so fast. It was a pretty busy one though. I had a HR screen last Wednesday (1). Then on Friday I had two more HR Screens (2) and (3). I scheduled a 4th for next week.
This week I had an in person for at #2 on Tuesday. They already told me no, but it had sales goal aspect and pay was $18 an hour and I'm work more than that.
I had an interview/assessment and shadowing opportunity for #3 yesterday. The drive was not my favorite but otherwise I liked what I heard and the people I met.
I have a phone interview with #1 today, and had to fill out a DiSC assessment (like a personality test)
On Monday I also had an HR screen, and then I had an at-home assessment for word, excel, and then some personality questions. I haven't heard back from that one yet.
Honestly, I don't know when I had time to work or go to the gym- I feel SO busy lately!
The girls started school on Monday. I'm either applying for jobs or out on interviews. Monday I did help jay with taping for like 3 hours (then he fired me yesterday because it was peeling, but he also blamed his lack of training). We went out to lunch on Tuesday. Jade has had swimming lessons this week so we've been eating beforehand, which isn't bad. Cooking at 4:45 is a little weird, but I like getting home at 7 and everything is cleaned up and we can just relax.
I had work on Tuesday and then yesterday I went to Amanda's class at EOS. That place is so busy. I'm jealous of the larger class. And exciting news- I broke my first stick!

I did more unemployment stuff today- it's a little more complex than it was in NJ 15 years ago. I have some laundry going. I'm job hunting. I have that call at 11. Maybe I'll start cleaning so we can enjoy the weekend more.
I was able to transfer my Amplify registration to Phoenix in november. I am sad that I missed it- it looked like an AMAZING time, but my head and heart weren't in it and I know I wouldn't have gotten out of it what I needed to. The woman from HQ even sent me a shirt just to cheer me up. I'm so grateful for my Pound family.
Monday when I was practicing those tracks, I bashed my phone with my ripstix, destroyed the screen. Friday night Jay's tires got stole out of Extreme Wheels (along with other wheels and tires), but they did get recovered. Saturday night a piece of my crown broke off. Luckily it's not bothering me because I don't have major dental. Saturday night we played some games with the girls. I think Jay wanted to take my mind off amplify so we did something but I didn't want to sit around all day sunday so we started at like 4 and went to bed before 1. Sunday we got up and went to Tucson to the International Wildlife museum, which was pretty cool and free with pogo passes and supercharging so all it cost us was $30 when we stopped for lunch on the way back.
Mentally, I've been feeling better since I last wrote. I haven't broken down and cried. I'm not moving forward, but I'm not standing still. I'm hearing back from places and am not just getting the silent treatment. It's inevitable that tomorrow I won't have a paycheck. I know this. I can't change it now so no use stressing over it. Just need to keep moving forward and having a family that supports me is more than I could ask for.

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