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May 01, 2018 - 8:21 am

Crossing the Bridge to Cadettes

Another week in hell. Didn't even get to Pound. Didn't pick up my stix until Sunday night.
Saturday we had our meeting with Lindsay's troop for bridging requirements. I actually had FIVE girls show up!
The AZ teachers went on strike Thursday and are still on strike. Our school is not part of it though. Friday, the official word went out. I wasn't working because I helped out with Field day for the girls. I was back in time to work my half a day, spent about an hour cleaning up my emails a little and then just said eff it and took the afternoon off and went to lunch with Jay. Then started cleaning the house and managed to get 6 rooms done before our flight to Cali.
Golden Gate Bridging:
Got into OAK around 9, took the BART (mass transit) into SFO. Luckily got a Lyft quick because that station was dirty. Got to the hotel. Ugh. But the room was actually OK. We got into bed by 10:30. I couldn't fall asleep because of all the noise from cars on the street. It was so loud! Ate breakfast at the hotel (cereal, fruit- nothing exciting). Decided to take the bus over to the event. The bus didn't stop at our stop. Walked to the next bus stop where there were people slouched over high on something besides life. It was only a few minute ride. Then a little bit of a walk to check in. That line wasn't terrible. The line to get on the shuttle...... 45 minutes! And we jumped the line as they were trying to fill up busses with smaller groups. Made it to the other side of the bridge by 10am.... only to wait in ANOTHER LINE! This one was about 40 minutes before we could start walking across the bridge. We got to the other side about 11:20. We were both feeling a bit sick, I think from all the exhaust fumes. Then the walk to the field put us there a few minutes before noon. We didn't stay too long, maybe 45 min and then the long walk back to where the shuttles were. Took us to Fisherman's wharf, where we had pizza for lunch with a group of 4, and back to Lyft to Bart to OAK and home. We got to the airport 2 hours before our flight and just walked around. I'm glad we went- it was a once in a lifetime experience but it was a lot of moving!
Sunday I went food shopping so that took up half my day. The girls went in the pool for a little while and then we went to costco for a few things. Started practicing pound, whacked my hand pretty hard too!
Monday back to the grind. I really hate my job. I need to start looking. Pam and Schubert both have my resume but I haven't gotten feedback yet. I need to get serious and get looking.
Birthday in 1 week. No plans. I usually take the day off but didn't bother this year. I just don't care. One more girl scout meeting for the year. Less than 20 days of school. Junior trip coming up, Amplify, ST retreat, kindergarten graduation. Going to be a busy couple of months!

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