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May 08, 2018 - 1:20 pm

a very unbirthday birthday

When i woke up this morning, the room was spinning. Jay ran his hand down my back and a wave of nausea overwhelmed me. And that is how my 38th birthday began.
This is the first time I've worked on my birthday since 2008. I have taken off every birthday from 2009-2017. I just didn't want to be bothered this year. I don't want to celebrate and I'm not excited as I usually am. Why? I'm not sure. Maybe just feeling overwhelmed with the unknown and changes coming.
I've felt awful all day and no sign of feeling better. Layed down for a bit on "lunch" but that didn't help either. I didn't feel great yesterday- my head felt funny- couldn't concentrate. Is this all related to Saturday night? I don't know. Could be, I guess.
Class was good last week. I was trying to convince some people to try it next time. We'll see if they show up tonight.
Wednesday was the 5th grade fieldtrip to the science center. It went ok. Then I finished up my daisy gifts and went to a service team meeting that was almost 3 hours.
Friday I did apply for about 10 jobs after work. Got some resume feedback and away I go.
Saturday I went to the council shop for some returns and to get cadence her Cadette vest. Then the girls went swimming in the pool. We had a really late night. My stomach hurt- like awful pains.
Sunday I was tired. The girls went swimming and I sat outside drinking water. Stomach still hurt.
Yesterday I applied for a few more jobs after work and then picked up cookie prizes, dropped off jade at her meeting and then went to cadence's meeting and sorted the prizes. Still not productive and extremely frustrating for me. No mention of Bronze.
Picked up jade, home, dinner and off to bed by 10.
Donna officially retired and gave me everything back, including a bunch of badges that SHOULD have been given to girls! Such a waste of money

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