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June 25, 2018 - 9:02 am

the unknown is getting closer daily

The world is chaos. I have time for nothing, and now I have a month of catching up to do!
The dentist was ok. Class was ok. I had my in person interview on May 30th. I was there for about an hour. It went well. I was told about 2 weeks to hear from something- they already had 2 interviews before mine and had another 2-4 to go.
Saturday was the service team conference so I was gone from 8-5. We were going to go to the pool party for the orthodontist but I was tired and had a headache.
Monday Jade started camp at parsons. Jay took her every day and I went with him to pick her up 2 or 3 times. She also started swimming lessons.
Monday I had a 2nd phone interview with Solium, which went well and I was told I'd hear something by the end of the week or Monday the latest.
Wednesday the 6th we ran into Gabby at the lego build event. Then I came home and scrambled around packing a bag for our trip. We left about 9 for newport beach CA with 7 juniors in 2 cars. I drove out the Model 3. I was stressing a lot, planning and figuring out where to stop and how long to charge. The ride out was pretty painless. We got there about 4 and our adventure began. If I have more time I'll make another entry.
We left around 9 on Sunday to head back as well. We got home at 4:45. Splitting headache and exhausted. Really should have taken off Monday too.
Didn't hear from anyone at solium so I decided to send a follow up-email mid week to see what was going on. Later in the week, I also sent a follow up email for the other company, as it was the 2 week mark and I hadn't heard from them either.
Friday I was going to start cleaning but Jay asked me to help him with putting my wheels on my car, and how could I say no to that?
We had planned to do something Saturday night but Friday I woke up in the middle of the night with such horrible pains in my stomach. Saturday was cleaning day.... I laid in bed almost all day with awful stomach cramps and a burning sensation. I tried to get cleaning done and the family was helping but we were unsuccessful. Sunday was more of a bathroom day, still not feeling well at all! Not sure if it was something I ate or just a stomach bug. Of course it was father's day. The girls didn't even make a card. We got door dash for dinner.
By monday, I felt really weak and lightheaded (most likely from not eating). I took the day off and tried to finish the cleaning. I got in the playroom and was working on Jade's desk and the closet.
Tuesday, coming back to work sucked of course. The workload has been unbearable. Training has been non-existent. I'm afraid what will happen when I leave and if things will get done. It's not for my lack of trying, that's for sure.
By Friday the 22nd, I still hadn't heard back from either job (no response at all) so I sent a 2nd follow up to both. I'd think if it was a no, they would just say so. I mean how many candidates could they really have narrowed it down to? A dozen? How hard is it to tell 11 people no?
And then at 3:30 I left with Jessica to our service team retreat in Prescott for the weekend. Again, throwing stuff in a bag minutes before heading out the door.
Friday was grab dinner on the way up and just bullshit until midnight. Saturday from 9-5 was girl scout business- planning, etc. Stuck at that table all day was making me go crazy. Then we had dinner and just hung out . I went to bed by 11. Up before 8 on Sunday packed and ready to go but we didn't leave until 11. Got home just at 1. Jay had dropped cadence off at the bus stop earlier. We went swimming, ran to walmart to look for a backpack (they didn't have any out yet), Angry crab for dinner, picked up chompies for dessert (and got it for free) and then stopped in target (no backpacks there either).
So the only weekend I had free in June to spend with my family, I was sick.
My july is very up-in-the-air.
I did hear back on Saturday from Atmosol that they were making a decision this week and she asked if I'd be available on Monday (today) for a call.
I've been putting off Pound and Gen Pound because I don't know my job situation. I still have my Tuesday night class at BR that has been at most my 3 regular people. I have to get in my vendor application by the 30th for the school if I want to have a club this year.
My last day at TD is set for July 3rd, but I will have paid vacation through 7/13
Summer is over in 4 weeks.
I don't like not having a plan or not knowing what will be going on by the end of July.
Continuing to keep my fingers crossed.

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