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May 29, 2018 - 9:07 am

lots of catching up

I'm a little behind...
The daisy party was good, although I was disappointed in the selection of items to paint for the girls in our price range, but they all seemed ok with it. We drove Isabel there and back- her mom was still out of town and her husband couldn't drive (I didn't ask why)
Tuesday I took delivery of my car. It's ok. It seems slow compared to Jay's S, but few things excite me and I don't like anything. I drove it to pick up the girls and to work. I ended up getting a free day off from work because our internet was down for about 6 hours on Tuesday. Then I didn't drive for days, or really leave the house. Fri the 18th we sat outside after dinner. The girls played, I did some pound. It was nice out. Saturday was the neighborhood bridging ceremony. It was so unorganized. I had offered to help and did a little but not enough. Maybe next year I'll take the Daisies to a park or something simple. I love the outdoor setting so much better. I don't think we really did anything the rest of the weekend. Pool? Job hunting. I started planning my daisy year.

I had a phone interview on Tuesday. I thought it was supposed to be Thursday, but there was a missed message along the way. It went well. We talked for almost an hour. I have an in person interview for tomorrow. Then we went to meet the teacher night- Jade is getting a new teacher- one that is moving from IL over the summer so she wasn't there. Cadence has a 5th grade teacher that is moving to 6th. Then I taught pound. Just the one lady, Julie. So frustrating!
Wednesday I had another phone interview for a different company. It was a higher level interview. We spoke about 30 minutes and she said she'd get back to me no later than monday but I didn't hear anything. Wonder if it was because of the holiday (she was in canada). I'm going to follow up today just so I know.
Thursday was the Kindergarten Graduation! Then we stopped by to visit Miss Gina. Jade was so excited to see her. Friday was the last day of school. We dropped the girls off, went to Breakfast at Snooze. Jay went up to Joe's. I started cleaning and then had to pick up the girls. Then I did more cleaning while everyone sat around. By the end of the day I only had 4 rooms done (kitchen, living room, den and 1 bathroom). So saturday I got up at 7 and did the dining room, bathroom and office. That left the 3 bedrooms. Jay did one, Cadence did theirs and Jade got stuck with the playroom. We were finished by noon. Then I ran to TJ Maxx and goodwill to try and find some interview clothes. Then we went out to Payless and I got shoes and walked around the mall a little and then went to target to get a birthday present for Cali.
Sunday I meal planned and went grocery shopping. Then we had the birthday party at PPP. It was the only party going on, which was so nice! Then we stopped at Safeway to pick up a few other things that were on sale. I cut up some fruit and made spinach dip and chex mix but didn't realize we had no Worcestershire sauce so ran out to Albertson's too! Tacos for dinner and something (yeah so much for never doing that again). At least my stomach didn't hurt. Walked to Circle K, girls in bed by 9. Hung out outside. It was nice out. Pool was chilly. Went for another walk. In bed by 2.
Yesterday-memorial day- up at 8. ugh... Stayed up all day. Sat outside by the pool for over 2 hours. Got most of the way in. Lounged around. Played some board games. Remembered that I still needed to learn 3 pound songs i added to my playlist, but my hips and shoulder are killing me. Hope I can remember them just by watching and listening because I couldn't go through the motions.
We also have a dentist appt today- jade & i for cleanings, Jay for a filling. Currently icing my shoulder with Tiger on it... Hoping some relief comes by 6

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