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April 03, 2018 - 8:38 am

a (too) low key easter


These last two weeks have been hellish. Rachael left for vacation Wednesday so I started taking orders on Friday the 23rd. Monday I got hit with all of her BMW Program orders. I seriously have over 70 orders right now. If that's her typical order count..... how am I supposed to do MY work? So I really said something to Guy. How it's not fair that for her 5 days of vacation, I am buried with extra work for 3 weeks. Half a week before she's out, while she's out and another week or two after she gets back. It's not like I give her back every order when she gets back from vacation. No..... I keep them all.
And she ALWAYS goes away at end of month- Labor day week, Christmas, and now Easter/spring break.... I put in 42.5 hours last week. I haven't worked less than a 9 hour day. I made myself go to lunch on Thursday just so we could go to walmart and buy the easter stuff.
My half day off that I took for the 2 weeks the girls were on break, we packed a lunch and went to the park. Stayed for about an hour then went home. Went and got cadence a skateboard, stopped at the library to pick up a book and played at the park over there and got sonic slushies.
Friday I wanted to go to the Athleta pound class but I was just frustrated and tired.
Saturday we checked out the new Aspire gym and worked out. What a hassle. Then I went to StaFit and filled out a mountain of paperwork. Saturday we did it again. We dropped Cadence off at her sleepover for Lauren's birthday. Then jade was so sad so we went to Walmart and then I was on a quest for gum so we went to sweeties, big lots and 99 cents, and then QT where we found it- hooray! Jade got this barbie oven so she was playing with that and I played with her a little bit too.
We had a fire, I ordered sneakers, watched zoolander, went for a walk.
Sunday I wanted to go to the camp expo and talk to Juniper but I was too lazy to get up. So we picked up cadence around 10. At 1 I went to a Pound Pro meetup at the new Crunch. THere was probably 30-40 of us. We rocked out, took some fun group photos, talked about different things. I got home around 3:45. It was a lot of fun and good to meet people that I've friended on Facebook but hadn't met in real life yet.
Monday- the hell work day. SRP swapped our meter for our electric vehicle. Troop meeting which turned into girl drama between Cadence and Joz. Personality clash really, but I'm not going to step in. They need to work it out themselves.
So a lot didn't get discussed that was on my list. Donna and her half-assed effort. And me having to stay on top of everything! It was so bad that I didn't get a troop email out until late Wednesday and I didn't update my trax sheets until SUNDAY!
Tuesday pound. I had 6 people in class! I love teaching there. I had such a terrible migraine from Monday night until about 4 on Tuesday. I drank 11 glasses of water. Wednesday, I went to Laura's class. Completely not my style of music at all. But she had about 6 people in class so hopefully Saturdays are good. Oh so Aspire totally screwed us. They didn't get approval from corporate for Pound so we aren't on the schedule until May (supposedly) for Mesa and Chandler location has been delayed so maybe June for them...
So Laura, who had given me her Saturday class in April loses out. I offered to split it with her so we are doing 2 Saturdays each.
Thursday was a blur.Friday was hell. HELL. End of month, so much to do. At 12 I get an email "tom is closing the office at 1- happy easter". Yeah I worked until 4 my time, so 7pm NJ time..... Just to get orders in and my end of month stuff done.
Megan did a free promo class at UFC gym in Ahwatukee so I went there at 7. A few pros were there, Danielle included. It was a big class- like 30 people. Got to jump in on a song. Then after they were going out for drinks. And I know Jay was going to pick up pizza and I contemplated for a good 10 minutes and decided to go. So I called him and told him. He got angry and hung up the phone. But he seemed ok when I got home. I told him I had a hard time deciding but he knows I have 0 friends here (like actual friends who I go out with- acquaintances I have a few) and I stayed for maybe 30 minutes, drank water and left. I needed that though- after the week I had.
Saturday was a day of cleaning starting at 9:30. I didn't finish. Jay did 3 rooms, I did 5 and then I got the girls' bedroom done. By Sunday i had the play room left, vacuum and mop the kitchen and the shelves in the living room.
So Sunday, Easter Sunday, I got up and did the kitchen floor. Then Cadence wanted to watch a movie, so we watched Hop. Then Jade wanted to go swimming so I sat outside with them for about an hour while they did that. Then I went to tackle the playroom. I spent hours in there. I don't even know how many.
I don't think I've gotten dressed since Saturday when we went to the gym (Jay joined BR fitness on a month-to-month since Aspire Mesa is a hassle and too far).
So Easter kinda sucked. The girls got their baskets and we had pierogi and kielbasa for dinner and we did dye eggs, but that was it.
All our holidays are low key. Just for once I'd like something extravagant, make it actually FEEL like a holiday.
I've been in pajamas pretty much all week long. I hate it. I'm so stressed out this week and overwhelmed.
I've spent 40 minutes working on this entry because I only got 2 orders so far today and I've been working since 6am.
I should be able to catch up today. Hopefully.
Jade stayed home from school yesterday. she said her stomach hurt. SHe's been saying that a lot.And I just wasn't in the mood to argue with her. She didn't realize that she wouldn't be able to watch tv all day, nor did she realize she'd have homework to do!
I haven't cooked in who knows how long. If it wasn't for Jay, I wouldn't eat. I didn't get any time to practice this week and I wanted to put in a new song for tonight.
I woke up at six and wanted to practice but something weird happened with my alarm clock and my phone didn't charge so I couldn't get to my setlist so I started working instead.

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