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March 22, 2018 - 8:37 am

surprised by my suggestion

My Friday afternoon was pretty quiet last week so I started cleaning in between checking those web items that I've been putting off since December?!
Jay was actually surprised that I suggested that. He had said Saturday but I told him I didn't know if that would work or even if next weekend would work. So he ran to the supercharger while I cleaned. I got most of it done (except the girls rooms and a few minor things). And we had a good friday night. Fire, walked to circle K, then a walk later on but it was getting cold. Played with some new toys. Super fun.
Saturday was a bleh day. I stayed in bed until about 9. He had gotten up earlier and make the girls breakfast, but then went back to sleep. So I watched a movie with them and then Jay didn't get up until around noon. Then he went out somewhere. I forget where. Drop off work? So we really didn't spend any time together. We watched half of Thor and had some drinks and I passed the eff out.
Sunday we ran to costco, I spent about 3 hours putting together my troop meeting for next week, practiced pound and learned a couple new songs. We watched the other half of the movie. Monday my period hit me like a brick wall. I had stomach issues, cramps, and completely wiped out. Everyone went to bed by 9 on Monday. We needed the rest. Tuesday, the first day of spring. The girls were going crazy and hitting each other. I flipped out and popped both the bouncy balls with a pair of scissors. Shock and Awe worked because they were good the rest of the day. I taught my class and we had dinner and went to Rita's for our italian ice tradition but moved to the Tempe location. I had 3 in my class- my two "regulars" and a new person.
Yesterday the girls were good. I was going to take the day off but after what happened Tuesday, I told them no. So I tried to take off today (Thursday) but of course I got sucked into a call. Yesterday we went to Mountainside. I took Megan's PPZ class, which was like their TRX Warrior day where you switch between exercises for a set amount of time.
Not really impressed. I heard amazing things about mountainside. It seemed small to me. The staff was not friendly at all, except for in the kids care.
Picked up a quick dinner on the way home.
Today I should be working until 11, although I'm not very busy right now. Then I ended up taking half a day. The girls want to go to the park, legoland or rock climbing. And cadence wants to buy a skateboard.
Aspire in Mesa officially opened today. Like to get down there today or tomorrow and get my employment squared away.

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