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December 12, 2017 - 7:28 am

teaching pound!

Last week was super busy! Monday I went to pound. I taught my first song! And I totally rocked it. Bryan and Christina came over for dinner.
Tuesday we had cadence's Christmas concert. She did really well. SHe never brings her violin home and I never hear her practice.
Wednesday my sticks finally showed up. Had a service team meeting/holiday party. Also took cadence to the orthodontist. No more retainer! And she doesn't go back until August. I got to see Jade do her poem- she did awesome. Cadence did hers too but I didn't know. she got a 78. She didn't know it.
Thursday we were at stuffed with love setup from 4-6.
Friday we went straight from school to stuffed with love until 6. When we left I had a terrible headache. Stopped to get the girls dinner. When we got home, the meatballs I had in the crockpot for the party were burnt. So I stayed home and went to bed.
Saturday I got up and went to pound. Taught my 2nd song. Started on the wrong side first go around, but realized it and corrected. Otherwise, I did pretty good. Then we were at Isabel's birthday party until 2. Then Jay & I decided to go to the outlets because he needed new sneakers. We were gone for almost 3 hours. came home and cooked dinner then we ran to the store. He wanted me to "get shit faced" so we did some drinking.
Sunday was cleaning day but I wasn't very motivated. It was pretty much the entire day with a trip to walmart to buy some stuff we'll need for the week (and cookies).
I did manage to order christmas cards. They'll be here today. I need to finish shopping. I haven't started on cookies. I didn't even get everything we need. I am behind and frustrated. Will we get it all done? probably. Will i stress? definitely.
Yesterday Rachael was out so I was stuck doing her work all day long, throwing mine to the side. Annoyed and frustrated with no lunch, I logged off at 3:30 and started to practice pound. Then we had a field trip at the police station. I got 7 out of 8 girls, and most were on time. They were a little crazy but I think it's because ALL the parents stayed. The Jr girls decorated cookies and had their gift exchange. There were 5 of them. I told cadence she could either come with me or stay home. She stayed home.
oh forgot to mention last saturday we went to HD for building. It had been a while. First nail in, Jade slams the hammer on her finger. Blood spurting everywhere. I had to build it for her. Then we had to go to the bathroom and rinse it off and then get a bandage from customer service.
I'll need to start planning out next year for scouts. We don't meet for 4 weeks and it's a field trip. Then cookies. Initial order was submitted yesterday- lord help me! Still need to put the shirts in. my booths are garbage. ugh

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