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December 18, 2017 - 2:21 pm

Taught my first class (and rocked it)

Tuesday night I went to pound, after practicing for about an hour. It was lasagna night. Bryan came over. Ran into Rhiyanna she said she had no one to teach the 16th class. I said I'd let her know. We were supposed to hike the flatiron on Saturday but found out wednesday that no one could make it. So I told her ok I'm in. I practiced a lot on Wednesday. Cadence wasn't feeling well- she took a nap after school.
Thursday i took the day off to make cookies (and it was the office holiday party). I sent C to school anyway. Got a LOT of cookies done with no one home, but not all of them. And I was tired and cranky. We had chinese for dinner.
Thursday night Cadence took another nap after school, didn't finish her homework. She really wasn't feeling well. I let her stay home on Friday- she had 4 tests too. But she didn't study/wasn't ready for them and wasn't feeling well. She stayed on the futon in my office all day. I only got in an hour of practice on Thursday. I was a little frustrated.
Friday jay & i finished up the cookies and I had them boxed up before 4pm and off to UPS by 5. I spent my friday night practicing (after i cooked dinner, cleaned up the dishes and then cleaned the kitchen) I was pretty pissed about all that.
Saturday morning chores and practicing. I had 4 people in class. I messed up 2 songs, but I just kinda went with it. I think everyone enjoyed it. It seemed as such.
Then I came home and vegged out- did laundry and what not.Helped Cadence study for her tests.
Sunday we took her for a haircut. Then we went to Nico's baptism and then party afterwards. Got home around 2:30. And pretty much did nothing all day.
A little more studying. Some reading with Jade.
I have to leave in a minute to get the girls from school and take them to the dentist.

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