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December 04, 2017 - 8:50 am

apparently i'm patient zero and ALL germs came from me

Tuesday 11/28- didn't feel like going to the gym. Stomach was bothering me. Wednesday I was feeling better. I get an email from school at 2:30 telling me that Jade punched a kid at recess because she didn't want them near her. UGH. So jade is on the punished list. Jay & I ran out to use a JCP coupon, that we couldn't use anyway. When we got back, cadence lied about using the Ipad. So she's on the punished list too! Between that and bombing tests lately... She did get a 96 on her book report.
Thursday, finally feeling myself. Started practicing pound. Went to Chili's for dinner. I had also taken the girls to the bank and to the library.
Friday, we had a daisy field trip to the dentist. I had 3 girls show up out of 8. I was pretty pissed off about that. Got home and more practicing. Didn't really feel like working.
Saturday went to the gym. Then more practicing. Counted boxtops. Went to the light parade. Met up with Kiana and her family. Then I couldn't sleep. Ended up going to bed at 4. Did laundry and dishes and got my girl scout shit together.
Sunday I didn't want to get up. Got up at 10. Then we went to Costco and then Fry's. Made a list and a menu and planned dinners for the next two weeks. Didn't do half of what I needed to do. Went to the stuffed with love sorting meeting. Got so much stuff that Jay had to meet me to bring it all home! Ran to dollar tree so the girls could make new signs for our store. Did some more stuff around the house- finished cleaning my desk up etc. I was so tired. Went to bed by 10. Woke up tired too. I have so much to do, house-wise.
Tuesday I got a message from Hannah's mom- they were ALL sick. Blaming me. Yet I hadn't vomited since Saturday night. Monday it was just my head feeling funky. Then Donna did the same thing- her and lauren were sick. She blamed me. Yet I wasn't anywhere near the junior girls. Thursday Valerie and Julie were both sick as well. That was NOT from me- sorry. There is no 4 day incubation period. It pissed me off. Then she goes and cancels the camping trip without any input from anyone. And she did it on Thursday yet I'm SURE everyone was fine by Saturday afternoon. Thursday was month-end. I was busy with this thing I'm supposed to do (work). Sorry I didn't have a chance to immediately reply to your text message. It was literally less than 30 minutes "should we cancel" then "i cancelled it".
Well I sent her a reminder on Saturday that she still owes money. If I don't have it by Friday, then I'm filling out the parent form. She's the only one who hasn't paid. And I won't see her at the next troop meeting. Everything she says pisses me off. "oh do the daisies still have a field trip on the 11th" Well it's on the damn calendar and I mentioned it to you SEVERAL times. What do you think?!
So she wants to decorate cookies and have a gift exchange for their troop meeting. Yeah "social hour" exactly what I'm trying to get away from. Cadence said "we didn't agree to have a gift exchange. No one even mentioned that" so I find that amusing as well. Lauren & Hannah are BFFs and that's fine with me because I don't like lauren and I'd rather Cadence have a better friend then her. I just wish I knew her friends from school. I feel like by 10 she should have friends for life and I don't see any.
Sometime recently somebody hit my car just above the pass rear wheel. It's not bad but >:|
Jay is at the dentist this morning getting his bridge done.
It's going to be a busy week
m- pound/ chili with bryan
t- cadence's concert
w- ortho/ st mtg
th- setup stuffed with love/jay eye dr
f- stuffed with love/holiday party
sa- birthday party for isabel

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