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January 10, 2018 - 9:02 am

first pound check

Wednesday ST dinner was fun. It was nice to get out. I practiced my CARiography there and back.
Thursday dentist was torture. Jade was not having it. Probably because she knew what to expect this time. I don't think it helped that we had to wait 40 minutes before we even go back there either. So it was a 2 hour appointment. Cadence got her cleaning done, no issues.
Then I came home. Jason dropped Jay off at the eye dr so I ran over there to meet him. Another hour. I was gone for 3 hours.
Glow pound was fun. The room was kinda crowded which inhibited my ability to move around a bit and I didn't get in a great work out.
Friday after work, I started cleaning. I got 1 1/2 bathrooms and the office done and started gathering decorations to put away. The girls didn't want pizza, which threw off our meal schedule so Jay went and picked up tacos for them and panda for us. I got halfway through my meal, suddenly felt really full and my stomach hurt. Saturday all day I had terrible stomach cramps. Nothing coming out, just pains. I'm pretty sure it was some sort of food poisoning. So no gym. Jay did most of the christmas cleanup. I tried to clean. The girls did their rooms, I managed to finish the bathroom and Jay & I did the front rooms, but I just couldn't do anything else.
Sunday the pain was gone, thankfully! But we still had 3 rooms to clean and we didn't even start until 10. So it was almost 1 by the time we were finished and eating lunch. No hiking again. Nothing fun even :(
I retreated to the office and started getting ready for scouts- meeting prep, organizing, cookie booth signups. The bass pro lady ended up giving us a friday night slot because she felt bad.
Monday we got up early and went to the gym! Had a good workout. Then work, which I didn't feel like doing. Daisy field trip at 4:15 at the library, followed by some book browsing, then off to Donna's for the Jr meeting, which is just shitty (like every other meeting). Then home to eat tacos because we were starving.
Yesterday, was another day I didn't work. So I worked on girl scout stuff. Sewed patches, printed awards, called and scheduled jade's well visit, ordered patches to have rebecca pick up. Jay & I went to smashburger for lunch, which was good. Then I started working on cleaning the playroom- like going through ALL the bins. Jay took jade to the gym for yoga at 5 and I cooked dinner so we ate at 6 and then I went to pound at 6:30. I got to pick up my FIRST CHECK! Then after, I went back and did more cleaning until about 10. Got all the bins and Jade's desk done.
Then I couldn't fall asleep and I was up until 1.
Laura, one girl from AZ elite that got certified with me, got a job teaching 2 classes a week. I'm super jealous. I want a class. I spoke to Andre and Kim and they want to add more classes but need to figure out logistics because they are going to move things around again.
She told me last night though that the girl who teaches on Wednesday is pregnant and looking for a sub. I didn't like her class. She was certified in May. I didn't dig her playlist very much. But I'm thinking of going tonight and talking to her. Two Wednesdays each month will be tough with ST and Leader meetings but I can do it. Dinner might be hard though!
My plan today was to get up early and do Cadence's desk. Well, falling asleep at 1 did not make that possible. I got a few things done already and I have to finish this website for a customer, but I probably only need another hour to do so.
Once that's done, I'm going to try and work on that and then tackle the closet tomorrow.

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