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January 03, 2018 - 12:45 pm

finally finished updating

I rested and laid in bed or on the couch much of Christmas. Jay cooked a ham and tamales for dinner. We ran to the gym just to renew our membership. I think the girls enjoyed christmas.They didn't seem disappointed, but it's hard to shop for them when they don't tell you what they want!
Tuesday we were off as well. I laid in bed and watched two movies, which is not like me at all.
Wednesday it was back to work; of course I was feeling mostly better by Wednesday. Then took Jade to walmart to spend her gift card. She had a meltdown because she didn't get any new clothes to wear on Christmas and Cadence had on a new outfit. So she got two outfits, a barbie, a stuffed animal, socks and two glow whistles for $25.
Thursday more working. Got all my month-end stuff done though so it was productive. Had to take Cadence for bloodwork. Holy drama! Then saw Ferdinand, which was cute and then costco for dog food and hot dogs for dinner.
Friday the office closed at 1 (11) so we went to pump it up for open bounce. I had to get the kids out of the house. Then I picked up poop because it was nice out.
Saturday I made a list and we went food shopping then went to pound. She shortened the class to 30 minutes. I didn't like it. So after I got home, I was practicing outside and then rollerblading. It was nice out. We went to Angry crab for dinner.
Sunday was new years eve. We went to the zoo in the morning because it was nice out. They had some snow there too. And we got to go through the dinosaur exhibit, which was cool. Then we went to ToysRus because the girls wanted to spend their gift cards. Jade got 2 things and spent most of hers. Cadence grabbed something right before checkout. Not sure if she really wanted it though or just wanted to get something. Then we went to Chompies for lunch and Jade wanted to go mini golfing so we went to Golfland and did that and the go-karts which was fun.
Then at 6pm we started our new years eve party. The girls were in bed by 9. I think we were up close to 3. Watched some movies and spent the night on the couch. No burn law in effect and it was cold. I did get sick at one point and threw up outside :(
Monday my tummy wasn't feeling super great. We just kinda hung around all day again. Tried to nap but wasn't allowed to! Ran to the stores and got some rolls and deodorant and a cheesecake and harbor freight. Planned a menu for 2 weeks and made meatball parm sandwiches for dinner.
Tuesday back to work. Started working on learning a couple new pound tracks. Went to pound and taught a song- big girls. So much fun.
The girls have been lazy couch potatoes. It's making me crazy.
Need to get back into girl scout mode and get ready for cookies.
Finally heard back from bass pro today and they said oh sorry all taken. I've been trying to get someone for 2 months. I'm so mad. I got crap booths this year. Going to need to hustle.
Tonight we are going out to service team dinner (minus Sharon) and after work we are headed to the gym.
Tomorrow Cadence has a cleaning, Jade has the rest of her fillings (lord help my wallet) and Jay has to go to the retina specialist and get a needle in his eye. I'll probably be taking a LONG lunch.
Then I'm going to a glow pound class at Anytime fitness.
Weekend plans include cleaning, putting away christmas and hopefully hiking. We only went once!

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