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October 31, 2017 - 9:38 am

10 months down, 2 more to go

This is halloween, this is halloween. Pumpkins scream in the dead of night.

I can't believe halloween is here already. This year went by so fast it's unbelievable.
Yesterday was Ginger's birthday. We got her a new collar and the girls got betta fish at the pet store. We had Girl Scouts last night. The Pet Ghosts were a hit. Joz and Cadence led the meeting and did well, but I expected that.
Been keeping up on the water. Feeling good.
Sunday was kinda a boring day. We cleaned the shed, I picked up poop. Went to the gym and worked out. Just me and some kettlebells. It's been a while!
Saturday was our 12th wedding anniversary. I had the Girl Scout Investiture/Rededication ceremony and halloween party from 11-1 so I took the girls to that. It was a fun event. I don't know why we've never done it before. Even the girls said it was more fun than the other halloween party. Then we went to Odysea. They had some halloween stuff in there and BF Wang's for dinner. Cadence and Jade made us an anniversary cake.
Friday we went to this kid's/Girl Scout Spooky Pound class in scottsdale. I got to network with a few pound people. The girls got to try it. Jade gave up. Cadence tried but she said it was so hard. Then there were awesome krispy creme doughnuts with vampire fangs in them. So cute!
Thursday we went to the gym too. Just did cardio and stairs but it was something. Jade wanted to take yoga so she went to that.
I was busy with fall product questions Thursday and Friday but the order has been submitted and product delivers this weekend.
I just need to keep on drinking water and take care of myself. I did call the specialist to schedule an appointment. They didn't answer. I left a message. Sounds like a great office!

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