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November 13, 2017 - 10:14 am


Leader meeting last week. The house was void of nuts! It was a long one between cookie training, delivery logistics, a quick fall product training... I got home around 9. But I noticed one thing. Both this meeting and last week's I did NOT come home with a splitting headache. So I'm really convinced it's all about the water!
Thursday felt like Friday all day. Courtney dropped off nuts for one of my Daisies. We picked up Dickie's BBQ for dinner. It was ok. Friday was Veteran's day. So I worked 7-8:30 and then headed to the parade. I had one no-show (and I still haven't heard from her). Then we drove JO home and her dad picked her up. I went back to work until 3. After work, I was helping Jade learn how to tie her shoes.
Saturday, Jade wanted to get her own tie shoes so after the gym, we went to Target and she found a pair. Cadence also needs a black pair for the winter concert, but no luck. We went to BBB and got a new mini pan and then the mall. Exchanged the salt lamp at Spencer's with no issues! Found shoes for cadence and a new pair of sneakers for me at sears. Got our 2017 holiday ornament made. A pretty productive day! Then since we missed lunch and it was almost 3, we just got a pretzel to snack on. Home and watched icarly with the girls and Jay made spaghetti for dinner.
Sunday we had our first troop hike. I had 7 girls come with their families (we picked up valerie on the way). I think it went really well. We were home by 10:30. Jay and I dropped off the girls and ran to smashburger and ate a quiet lunch out. Then to Fry's to pick up a few items. We got back around noon. Jade wanted to go back out to a trampoline place, but she was ok with spending 2 hours in the yard playing in the sandbox. I did some sewing. Cadence finished her book report book and Jay played his game. We had some tacos for dinner and watched more icarly. Starting from season 1. The girls think it's hilarious (which it is).
Last night around 4, I woke up from a terrible dream. I was on Elliot a light just turned green and a lady in the back seat in the car in front of me turn around and fired a gun right at me. The BOOM from the gun woke me up and then I had trouble falling asleep.
Things to look forward to this week.
Troop meeting tonight. It's going to be a disaster- guaranteed.
Pound on Tuesday
Pound TRAINING on Saturday
Jay's birthday on Sunday

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