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November 08, 2017 - 10:59 am

That's a lotta nuts

Still waiting on the specialist to call me back to schedule an appointment...I've now left 3 messages. One time I called I got 'mailbox is full'. I guess if I don't hear from them by Monday I'll reach out to someone else contracted with my ins.
Feeling ok. Still trying to keep up on water. Not as great of an effort this last week, but not terrible. Scale has gone up a couple of pounds again. :(
Last Wednesday, I had a service team meeting. For 2 hours it didn't feel very productive!
Thursday was my follow up day. Follow up on my missing card readers, the truck of nuts, trying to schedule daisy field trips, type up minutes.
Friday was slow so I started cleaning. Had the cleaning done by dinner time and we went out to Chompies for dinner.
Saturday I was waiting for my delivery. Got here just around 11. Broke down the pallet and counted everything by 11:14. Short 6 pieces, went to the gym for pound. THen came home and started pulling all the troop orders. We were done before 1 and then the pickups started happening! My entire day was getting orders picked up. THe girls vegged on the couch and played minecraft. That is the dumbest game ever.
Sunday we ran to Safeway and Fry's for a few deals, then home for some pickups until 11. Then we went to Hallmark, Albertson's and the mall. Back home for a couple more pickups. Then out to Costco and Winco. Officially started Christmas shopping!
Then home to start dinner and wait for more people. By end of day Sunday, I was down to 8 piles.
Monday , I had 3 pickups then off to the gym. Jay drove Cadence to the troop meeting. I met up with them around 6:50. I was not going to miss pound because 3 girls couldn't make it to last week's meeting so the entire schedule got moved around!
The troop nixed Disney as a trip and opted just for the beach. And they made some worm habitat as part of their animals badge... and it cost $30!
Yesterday it was 2 more pickups (I'm down to 2 troops) and I spent some time updating the troop calendar and records. Went to pound at 7:30 and pretty much passed out shortly after!
Today I should get rid of the last two orders. The girls are around 80 items. They want the cookie cart at 135.
I just have to say thank you to my love because he helps me with everything and we make an awesome team!

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