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November 28, 2017 - 12:00 am

two week backlog. happy birthday jay, pound pro, turkey day and so much more

I'm a little behind so I need to go backwards
Monday- 27th. I had taken a vac day to extend my holiday weekend. We wanted to do a day date and go to the movies. Due to illness, we did nothing. It took me all day to fold 1 load of laundry and wrap presents. Troop meeting at my house. Daisies were fine. I have no idea wtf happened with the juniors.
Sunday- 26th. Threw up at 1am. Literally slept the entire day. My fitbit says I slept for 17 hours. Got up occasionally to eat, shower and pee.
Saturday- 25th. Decorated the tree, napped, went to the movies at 4:10 to see Coco, which was amazing. Trip to costco (bought nothing) and Target (got a new star). Tired and went to bed around 9. Jade woke up around 11pm and threw up all over the dining room.
Friday 24th. Got up early (before 6) went to Home Depot and kohls for black friday shopping. Then stopped home. Went to Lowes' for a tree and stopped back at home depot (trying to find lights that were on sale) then back home. Then back to kohl's for a pickup order and home depot again. No luck. Tried home depot one last time around 5. The lady ended up price matching a 500 strand light set instead of a 300 strand for $9.98- score! Just sucks that we spent half our friday at Home Depot!! Came home, took some pills and went for a walk. Sat by the fire, went for another walk. Went to bed around 2, fell asleep around 3. Slept ok. Jay bought me new PJ's. He said they looked awesome. I dunno- not from what I could see!
Thurs 23rd- Thanksgiving! We went to Kent's for 12. His family was there. It was supposed to not be his family but they were all nice and lots of kids but the girls were being shy. They did think their tortoise was cool. We left around 3 or so, then headed out to JCP for black friday shopping. Did there, target, michael's, ran through old navy and did walmart. Got some good deals. Not super crowded. Target opened at 6 and we were out of there by 6:20. Cadence ended up getting sick around 11pm Thurs night and sat on the couch all day Friday like a giant lump.
Wed 22nd- office closed at 11 so I picked the girls up from school and went straight to the dentist. Jade has 6 cavities. WTF. I was in complete shock. We didn't leave there until like 2:30 because I drilled them to no end. Picked up Cane's for lunch and crossing the canal the TPS light comes on. Get in the driveway and you can hear the air coming out of my tire. The whole side ripped open! this was not a good start to the weekend. Spent the rest of the day cleaning the house
Tue 21st- Lexie had texted me asking if I knew anyone who could clean her house so we ended up driving there and doing it for her. Of course when we get there the keypad to the garage door is dead (needs a new battery) run to CVS- $7.05 for 1 9v! We spent about an hour dusting, wiping. and then back home because the girls had school.
Mon 20th- ??? I know I didn't go to pound.
Sun 19th- Jay's 41st. It was kinda crappy. I ran out in the morning and picked up an edible arrangement. I couldn't think of anything else to get him. The girls made him cards and I did get him one. We went to Lolo's for a late breakfast/early lunch. He didn't want a cake so I defrosted some cream puffs and put them in a pile on a plate and stuck a candle on top so we could sing happy birthday to him. The girls were being tv-heads and I yelled at them because they sat there playing minecraft all damn day. Jay ended up going out to dinner with Kyle (shaggy) to grab a burger. I wasn't hungry. I felt bad that it wasn't a great birthday but I also didn't put in 100% effort because of
Sat 18th- My pound training! Left the house at 8:30. Started with class at 9:30 and then training at 10:30. It was amazing awesome. There were 18 or 19 of us lead by the infamous Danielle O'Reilly. I didn't leave until 5:30 so I got home at 6. He asked me if we were going to stay up late and I had told him before that I just wasn't sure if I'd be up for it because of my day. Well, I wasn't up for it. I knew he'd be disappointed but I honestly passed out around 8pm. Mentally, physically and emotionally exhausted. It was a good day.
Fri- 17th. We went to Odysea to see the mermaids just because we can go for free. It was cool that the carousel was a walkthrough so we got to get up close with the sea lions and spend as much time as we wanted there.
Thurs- 16th. Woke up to a note from Cadence to the tooth fairy asking for more money because kids at school get $20 per tooth. Whose kid is that?! Way to make a parent feel bad. geez!
Wed 15th- now you are making me really think. We went to oregano's for dinner but that's about all I got for ya
Tue 14th- my last pound class before turning pound pro
Monday 13th- back where I left off. mtg at Donna's. Those girls did NOTHING for the badge. They were absolutely awful. I had to bail them out. They didn't have the supplies that they needed. It was awful. JO didn't even bother to show up. Way to help out your sister girl scouts.

I hate putting this off because I can't remember anything. I hate being sick. Throwing up is so gross. At least I have good toilet bowl aim. I wish I knew why I can't sleep though. I have a feeling I have a bit of a bladder infection from Friday night. But I don't know why my head feels like someone shook up a snow globe.
I'm thinking of taking a sick day tomorrow (today) since my vacation day was really a sick day. Or at least 1/2 a day of some sort.
The best thing about Monday. After I somehow managed to drive the girls to school (not sure on that one...) I came home, ate breakfast, took a shower, and then jay made me lay next to him naked. So I told him he had to be naked too. and just that feeling of his body next to mine with NO CHILDREN IN THE HOUSE was such a turn on. I do have to say the one thing I miss about being a parent is the morning sex. So this morning may not have been long or fancy but I did enjoy it so.

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