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October 16, 2017 - 10:27 pm

Back from Vacation

I should be sleeping, but my stomach hurts and I don't really feel tired.
I need to work backwards on this 2 week update.
Today- first day back to work and school. It wasn't awful, work-wise. Then we had cheer and then Cadence had a GS field trip at the park so I dropped her off and then home for the daisies. We did one of their leafs. Jade managed to fall off the chair and spill an entire cup of water. She tries to show off because her mom is the leader and she is an all-knowing scout. It frustrates me. Then I started filing paperwork etc.
Yesterday was a really lazy day. Did absolutely nothing. Worked on the emoji puzzle. Waited for a lady to pick up fall product packets. Watched the girls in the pool. Folded laundry, put the futon away. We did run to the dollar store. Denture cleaner works GREAT at cleaning plastic straws! Very exciting stuff.
Saturday we went to the gym. Then food shopping, then costco.
Friday we checked out of our hotel and went to Knotts Berry Farms. We almost left after the first half hour because Cadence was acting like a baby and Jay flipped out. But he managed to calm down and we had a pretty good day. It was my most favorite park! Left around 2:30 to head home and got stuck in so much traffic. Made it back to town by 8:30.
Thursday we did Legoland. The girls were most excited about this one, but then I think Cadence realized she was getting a little too old for Legoland. We still had fun. Got there around 11 and stayed until closing at 5. Traffic all the way back of course. It was so bad at one point, we went and got dinner. Then even at 7:30, there was STILL traffic! We stopped in carlsbad at ihop for breakfast. As soon as we got in the restaurant, jade burped, but vomit came out. so gross!
Wednesday we did Universal Studios. I think it was an hour and a half to go 40 miles. Got there right around 10am opening. The Transformers ride was probably my favorite. There just wasn't much to do there. Left around closing, then the girls ate at Tacobell at the City Walk over there and we sat in hours of traffic on the way home. Then we were going to run out to get dinner for me and Jay, but Cadence freaked out about being left in the hotel room for 10 minutes alone. Jay got mad at her and told her to go to bed. Of course I was starving, but it was like an hour before he went out and brought food back.
Tuesday we did California Adventure. We got there a little after it opened and headed straight to Carsland. That was the coolest part of the park. Tower of terror was awesome, the ferris wheel was wacky. Both girls were having panic attacks on it! We stayed until 9, it was a long day.
Monday we went to Disneyland. No excitement from the girls on that one AT ALL. It was crowded. The bathrooms were dirty. Parades of strollers. The more I think about it, the more I DIDN'T like it. Space mountain was good and Splash Mountain. We didn't do all the rides. Haunted mansion was cool because it was all decked out in Jack & Sally for Halloween. We ended up leaving around 5.
Sunday we left around 9am and since check in wasn't until 4 and we got into town around 2:30, we headed to the beach. We stayed about an hour and a half. The girls stood in the waves getting their feet wet and collected shells. Went to the hotel, checked in and then went to Red Robin for dinner.
Saturday, Judy left. We didn't do anything all day (as usual). Gym in the morning and then dinner at Zinburger and McMahon's ice cream for dessert. Watched short circuit 2. Jay told her we were going to Cali when he took her to the airport and he said she seemed mad/annoyed.
For ALL that we did, she would have slowed us down. I'm glad we went as just our family.

Friday 10/6, I took off work, thinking we might do something since Judy was in town. Took my vacuum to Dyson for service. That was a 2.5 hour trip. Had a panic attack on the way there, so bad to the point where I got off an exit and got myself water and a snack because I was afraid I was going to cause an accident. I'm getting them more often when I'm driving and I don't like it one bit.
After I got home, I ended up taking a nap. The girls and Judy went to the movies and even after they got back, I went back to sleep. I just felt really tired. We watched Short Circuit
Tuesday through Thursday, I was working. Judy took the girls to Target, Walmart and the mall. They went for their nails but only Jade got her toes done. They didn't make it to the park. And I think there was one more thing on the list. We went to Chompies one night. That was about the extent of their visit.
I got up for 6am yoga Wednesday. Cadence had her well visit Tuesday. It went ok. She didn't cry for her flu shot but Jade screamed like a siren.

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