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July 28, 2017 - 8:23 am

Back to school!

this week was murphy's law in full effect.
Thursday was back to school night so we did swimming lessons and then ran to the school. FOund out that Jade doesn't have class with any of her friends but didn't have the heart to tell her! Friday we went rock climbing in the afternoon. Thursday night my stomach started hurting and Friday morning spent the whole time in the bathroom. Took 1/2 a day and logged off around 12. Relaxed until about 2. The 4 of us got to go climbing for $10 worth of school supplies! My arms were jelly by the time we got home. Then we dropped cadence off at lauren's for a sleepover and went to chili's for dinner. Saturday Donna dropped her back off and I went to pound. First song, I twisted one way and bam sharp pain up my back like last September! I limped my way through the rest of class. Spent the rest of the weekend moping around. Did get in the pool a little and stretched but so much for cleaning or doing anything fun! Monday I was feeling a little better but decided to take it easy. Don't want to reinjure myself. Dropped the girls off for their FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL! It was a rainy one so it was really weird with people walking in and out of the building. We walked the girls to their classrooms even. Then picked them up and last week of swimming lessons. They both get homework so I finish up work, then I spent some time every night doing cleaning. Monday 3 rooms, 3 rooms tuesday, 2 rooms + mopping Wednesday, Thursday 2 rooms. Today I just had a little more more mopping and vacuuming to do. The week flew by. There was a school fundraiser at bahama bucks Wednesday that we went to. Almost $8 for 2 shaved ice! THE SMALL ONES! crazy.
Glad swimming is over- I get an hour back each day.
Today I have mad stuff to get done, but I'm already rocking it. Gonna hit the gym, shower, go for a wax, run up to phx to the council shop, then a haircut, and then by the time I get home, it will be time to get the girls and head out of town!
Big sis little sis weekend is finally here, which means massage and staycation for me and Jay.
OF COURSE, I was 4 days late this month so yesterday I was reading remedies on how to get it over quicker. Hopefully it's working and won't be so bad by tonight.
Toldja- murphy's law

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