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July 19, 2017 - 2:07 pm

RIP Ryan Bennett

Thursday I got some awful news. A morning text from Regina that just said "did anyone tell you the news? It's not good." Ryan Bennett died in his sleep. He was out with L Train watching soccer at the bar, crashed at his place. One minute he was snoring. The next his lips were blue and Lenny was giving him CPR. Paramedics came but they couldn't save him. I liked Bennett. He was just a genuine good guy. Always cracking jokes, but at the same time genuinely caring for people if they were feeling blue or out of sorts. He always called me Szabo, but with the AH sound on the A even though it should be a long A. I'm sure I corrected him a million times, but I was SzAHbo to him and that's just the way he was. Didn't see him but a handful of times after graduation but someone I'd never forget. My heart breaks for his good friends and my WSOU family- L Train, Regina, Lopez, Holway and DKNJ. The services were Monday and yesterday.

It was hard to get that news at the library on Thursday. I shed some tears quietly and ended up skipping lunch entirely again. I pretty much worked out the calendar and the first few meetings for Daisies. I still haven't gotten to the minutes/agenda templates. I do need to do that. Jay ended up taking Jade to camp on Friday and I stayed home and worked. Then we left here around 4:30 to pick her up, and then went to get Cadence. Got there around 5:15 and of course the bus was late and didn't get there until almost 6:30. Small dust storm rolled in. We went to chompies for dinner and then home to unpack. Jay decided to go to California Saturday. And I took the girls to the journey workshop from 8-4:30. I had wanted to sneak out to hit the gym but that didn't happen. Home, cooked dinner and did laundry, dishes, etc. Jay got home around 2am with his wheels. Sunday he woke up feeling like garbage. Sore throat again, chills. He ended up sleeping a lot of the morning. I took the girls to Walmart for an hour just to get out of the house and I picked up supplies for the craft bags (I went through them Saturday). Then Jay & I ran to Fry's for 0.99 ice cream and then to winco to pick up a few things. Monday he still didn't feel great. I wanted to go to Pound though so I took the girls and left at 5:35. He met them at the pool and only had to stay for 15 minutes. Then we had lasagna stuffed peppers for dinner. I've been absolutely exhausted at night lately. Yesterday, I did pretty much 0 work. I had 0 motivation and just could not concentrate.It was pretty terrible.
And we've checked nothing off the summer list! Started getting ideas for disney. It's going to be $1500-$2000 just for hotel and park tickets. Add gas to that, food, souvenirs... ouch
Our spa weekend is going to be $900, but I need that one.

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