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December 26, 2016 - 8:28 am

post christmas

So Christmas has come and gone!
Thursday we did a few lunchtime errands- bows at big lots, library for a 2nd seahorse book, harbor freight for a return, got cadence and went to grab the boxtops (but there weren't any!), then FINALLY went to check out AZ Elite Gym. They are still having issues getting their pool up and running so they were discounting membership even more. $15 a month or $140 for the entire year. So we signed up for the year- me and Jay. His snap membership was renewed for free and he says the new owner is nice but isn't Lyle. This place is HUGE. They have classes, sauna, gymnastics, child care, weights, machines, trx... I know I was pretty impressed. Childcare is $5 per month per kid. So really it will be $400 for the four of us for the year. That comes out to $33 a month for 2 adult memberships plus childcare for 2 kids. And the kids get classes- bootcamp, yoga and zumba.
Friday we ended up getting out at 12 (so 10am for me). Picked up Cadence from her half day and went to the gym! Dropped the girls off at childcare while jay and I worked out. Then waited patiently for the new stove and dishwasher WOOOOO They got here around 4:30. I was going to cook on the stove but it was giving off a stink and then I read the instructions that you have to let it burn off for an hour. So I just made the girls mac and cheese and jay had to go out to get a part to hook up the dishwasher anyway so he picked up chick-fil-a for us.
Saturday, Christmas eve, wanted to go to spin class but classes were cancelled. Even Jade's yoga. We brought her but cadence didn't want to come. Didn't do much. Was exhausted and ended up taking a long nap. Jay made pierogi and flounder for dinner. The girls opened their presents from Barb and Tibby. I bought sleepy homeopathic meds for the girls to get them to sleep better. I didn't want anyone waking up and ruining the magic of Christmas. Erik stopped over and bought jay a foam cannon to use with his new powerwasher.
Sunday, Christmas, the girls were up by 6. I put on Rise of the Guardians for them to watch until Jay woke up around 7:30. Then stockings, presents and breakfast. I got socks, pj's, underwear, a camelbak, wall-e lego set, a candle set from jocelyn girl scouts, amazon gift card from my secret santa, a calculator from Jade and swedish fish from Cadence.
The girls got a lot- nothing big, which is nice. The clothes Judy bought for Cadence don't fit and the car for Jade doesn't work!
We played games, checked out all the presents, I built Wall-e and then we went to the gym for about an hour- left the girls home (no child care). THey picked up and organized most of their presents while we were gone- I was pretty impressed.
THen we had planned to go out to dinner, but nothing was open! So we went and picked up chinese and ate around 7 and it was delicious.
It's not super messy but there's still stuff out. I decided to go through my desk papers today.

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